Austin Mahone Moves On From Becky G; ‘Dirty Work’ Singer Flirting With New Artist?

By Marie delos Santos | 2 years ago
Austin Mahone Moves On From Becky G; ‘Dirty Work’ Singer Flirting With New Artist?
PHOTOGRAPH: Facebook/Austin Mahone | Austin Mahone Moves On From Becky G; ‘Dirty Work’ Singer Flirting With New Singer?

Has Austin Mahone moved on so quickly from his relationship with Becky G? It looks like it! The “Dirty Work” singer has reportedly been flirting with an up and coming singer via Instagram. Was there a third party involved in Becstin’s breakup? Read on for more details.

Austin Mahone and Becky G have called it quits after months of dating and gushing in various social media sites. While many fans were heartbroken after news about the couple’s breakup surfaced on the Internet, it seems like the 19-year-old singer is ready to mingle.

In a report from, the “All I Ever Need” singer revealed his dream girl shortly after his breakup from Becky G. Mahone admitted that dating can be such a tough challenge, especially because he is under the scrutiny of the public eye.

“But I just look for someone that can make some great food, someone that is a little shorter than me, and someone that loves music as much as I do,” Mahone said.


While Mahone did not exactly reveal if he had anyone in mind, a new report from Franchise Herald claims that the “What About Love” singer is seemingly flirting with another singer on Instagram. According to the publication, Mahone exchanged a couple of comments (and even a video) with up and coming singer Brie Angelie.

Angelie, who starred in Mahone’s music video for his song “Say Something,” posted a short video of herself performing “Thinking Bout You.” Mahone took notice of Angelie’s video and even responded to it with his own rendition of the song. Mahone captioned the video: “Right back at you.”

Is Austin Mahone implying that he is also thinking about Brie Angelie? If the song’s title means anything, then it must be that Mahone has moved on from Becky G and has found his new partner.

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Photo Source: Facebook/Austin Mahone

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