‘Avatar 2:’ With Characters Resurrected, Pandora In Danger Once Again?

By Irawati Awate | 2 years ago
‘Avatar 2:’ With Characters Resurrected, Pandora In Danger Once Again?

“Avatar,” a 2009 science fiction film was the first ever to cross $2 billion mark. Fifteen years of production has been brought to justice when the film was released, as the response was more than extra-ordinary. The film was based on a story starting from a world known as ‘Pandora’ where the humans were extracting or mining to be precise an uber mineral, and later put in jeopardy the very existence of a Na’vi, a local tribe of Pandora. To understand more about the local tribes a genetically modified body was created. But as tensions grew larger due to extension of Na’vi species, they declared war against human. And rest is history with “Avatar 2” on the agenda many of the characters who died or at least presumed to be dead, is not actually the case.


According to Moviepilot, James Cameron is going to resurrect two of the very important characters from the former title. The very first of it is the evil colonel (Stephan Lang) Miles Quaritch. When it comes to the word called ‘destruction,’ the only face that sprung to my mind is of Colonel.

He was as destructive and evil as it gets and nearly won the war for the humans until he was slain by Neytiri. Was it his end? Apparently, not as said by Cameron, Lang was memorable and it is a privilege to have him back as he will be evolved around the entire series.

Clearly, the resurrection has not stopped their as Dr. Grace Augustine will also have something to say. Augustine, one the prominent scientists in the humans and the one who reposed her faith in Jack Sully, was shot down by Colonel. Though Na’vi tried to resurrect her in the first itself, it is Cameron who has that plan saved for his next.


According to Mnrdaily, the series will not stop at “Avatar 2,” instead the house has two more sequels lined up back to back form 2017 to 2019. So what are your expectations from the upcoming “Avatar 2?”

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