‘Avatar 2’: Going Underwater? James Cameron’s Exploration of Pandora’s Ocean Similar to ‘Titanic’

By Jerone Cruz | 2 years ago
‘Avatar 2’: Going Underwater? James Cameron’s Exploration of Pandora’s Ocean Similar to ‘Titanic’

“Avatar 2,” the sequel to the 2.7 Billion dollar earning movie “Avatar”, is taking its precious time before it could be finished and get released to the general public. Director James Cameron shuns away any pressure that may cause him to lose focus and hinder him producing a great film.

From previous reports, we’ve known that the scheduled release date for “Avatar 2” was in 2016 but was later moved to December 2017. The cause of the delay, as explained Director James Cameron in an interview, was due to the technological constraints that the film’s production team is facing. These limitations hinder Cameron and his team to bring about his innovative ideas into film, especially now that he wants to show a whole new ecosystem in Pandora, which is totally different from the floating islands and the rich forest we’ve grown accustomed to in the previous film.

This new ecosystem is Pandora’s ocean and the 60-year-old critically-acclaimed director intends to film this ocean ecosystem with higher frame rates. This increased frame rate would make the visuals sharper and make the film look more “real.” This form might have the same visual feel as the ones we’ve seen in “The Hobbit” trilogy which used HRF format.

Aside from using increased frame rate for filming the new movie, Cameron intends to use motion-capture technology, which is very similar to the ones currently used for video games, to bring about accuracy and thus, authenticity to the movement and expressions of the characters as they traverse the Pandora’s ocean ecosystem, as reported by MasterHerald.

In addition to the ones mentioned above, Cameron, in an interview, stated that their team is currently working on graphics for the ocean ecosystem which is fairly similar to those shown in “Titanic” and “Abyss,” as reported by IbTimes.

Though speculations arose that the film “Avatar 2” and “Avatar 3” will mostly focus on underwater scenes, Cameron debunked the rumors and stated that the audience will only get to see a portion of that environment in Pandora. Cameron explained:

“It’s all the scuba diving I did before I even started the deep ocean stuff that has more of a direct connection to Avatar 2 & 3, which by the way won’t take place completely in or under the water. That’s just part of the environment of Pandora that we’re going to see,” as reported by ScreenRant.

Seeing a more holistic and realistic view of Pandora’s ecosystem will surely make the almost decade long wait for “Avatar 2” worth it.

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