Avatar 2: James Cameron Tells First Sequel Will Not Come Out In 2018

By Eva Artosilla | 2 years ago
Avatar 2: James Cameron Tells First Sequel Will Not Come Out In 2018
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Avatar 2 was earlier reported to hit the screen on Dec. 21, 2018. But James Cameron has recently made it clear that the Avatar sequel will not be released next year. He did not elaborate on another possible date as he seems to be unsure himself.

The brains behind the massive hit film said that fans must take into consideration that it is not just one sequel but four. The releases follow a certain pattern and it is one of the considerations. He added that it is a huge undertaking that will spread throughout a decade of his life, as reported by Slash Gear.

According to him, it took him four years to finish Avatar. While waiting for the opportune time to release the film, Cameron said that they have to keep all details discreetly. How he wishes to share every detail with the world but they have to leave something for the imagination until the curtain is formally opened. Avatar 2 was originally scheduled for a December 2016 release but was deferred for the holidays of 2017. Now it was confirmed that the 2018 release is also not happening. Cameron said late last year that the scripts for the four sequels have been finished. So applying the script into actual production was what made the challenge.

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Avatar 2’s Challenge Is To Equal Or Surpass Box Office Record of Avatar

Avatar is so far the highest-grossing film ever made. The film made $2,783,918,982 worldwide. According to The Numbers, domestically the record showed $760,507,625 and the international earnings totaled $2,023,411,357.

The movie’s timeline is during the 22nd century when humans are colonizing Pandora, a moon rich in diverse in botanical and animal world. They are there mining unobtanium which is a form of a semi-conductor.

Jake Sully is a wounded ex-marine who happened to settle in Pandora. The place is inhabited by 10-footer humanoids called Na’vi.  He was rescued by a female Na’Vi named Neytiri. Jack was able to discover that he can exist in the said world. Later he helped the humanoids to survive.

The Cameron creation occupied the slot held by Titanic for 12 years. During its screening it has broke several world records making it the best film in years. It is also the most expensive film ever made with a production budget of more or less $400 million. Earning more than $2.7 billion is an amazing performance at the box-office.

With all the time and efforts put into the film, James Cameron who is the editor, director, writer and producer is well-compensated. Avatar took too long to finish but the outcome is worth all the waiting.

To bond with an ikran (banshee), the Na'vi must travel to their rookery high in the Hallelujah Mountains on the sheer cliff of Mons Veritatis. Would you make the dangerous journey?

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