‘Avatar 2’ Movie Update: James Cameron Reveals Plot, Reason For Delay On Sequel’s Release

By Anshul Hardikar | 3 years ago
‘Avatar 2’ Movie Update: James Cameron Reveals Plot, Reason For Delay On Sequel’s Release

James Cameron recently revealed the reason behind the delay in “Avatar 2” movie. Several fans may have wondered why the director was taking so long to create a sequel given that the first film became the highest grossing film of all time. Turns out, the director is not rushing to make another film.

According to Venture Capital Post, currently “Avatar 2” movie is being readied for a possible Christmas 2017 release as opposed to what was being said earlier that the movie’s release date was 2014. Quite honestly 2014 would have been a bit sooner for Cameron who makes sure every detail in his movies are up to the mark and pristine so that an average person who’s watching his movie gets nothing but astonished by watching the content of his film.

The reason for a this long gap is because way back the director had decided to spend a considerable amount of time to come up with a sequel that would eventually lead to multiple sequels thus completing the “Avatar” series. Earlier there were reports about a fifth sequel as well but those claims were never substantiated. An official word came out that three sequels were initially developed for the series but given the extensive research and scripting that took place for the series, screenwriters had enough material to come up with a fourth part as well escalating the planned trilogy to a possible four part series.

James Horner, one of Cameron’s collaborators mentioned that Cameron currently has the four sequels with him including the scripts in order and is trying to bring it down to a decent trilogy. Ultimately, it is the director’s brilliance and sure shot success that has allowed him to get away from all the questions about the Avatar series all this time.

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