‘Avatar 2’ Movie Update: Palmer Luckey Negates James Cameron’s A Year Old Comment On Virtual Reality Technology

By Subhro Prakash Ghosh | 2 years ago
‘Avatar 2’ Movie Update: Palmer Luckey Negates James Cameron’s A Year Old Comment On Virtual Reality Technology
Avatar 2 Pandora

Fans of the epic sci-fi movie “Avatar” need to wait for more than two years for another sequel, which was promised by the director James Cameron after the remarkable hit of the first movie in 2009. Read below to know what you can get from “Avatar 2” for keeping your patience for over eight years.

As the adage goes on “everything comes to him who waits,” there is no iota of doubt that the dreams what Cameron has in his mind for the “Avatar” fans would certainly entertain the viewers at its highest level. After the inception of production for “Avatar 2,” it was initially slated to hit the theater in Dec. 2014. But later, Cameron decided to take more time for making it a great movie of all the time, and the reporters started saying “Jim Cameron has his own pace.”

It is really true that the mysterious man behind the creation of the movies like “Titanic,” is still not satisfied with the modern technologies although his crew members are reportedly putting all their efforts to meet the quality and standard the 60-year old director is looking for.

It is reportedly said that Cameron and his team members have taken lot of steps for the superior quality of results like improving the software and computer graphics tools, and strikingly augmenting the industry’s standard frame rate (24 frames per second) that is said to be far advanced ever done in the industry.

Another main step taken by him is creating up an ocean ecosystem for Pandora that will enhance the creation of new creatures and scenarios for the world of Pandora. This sort of extraordinary plans of Cameron has pushed back the release of the movie to Christmas 2017.

According to Gamespot, Cameron started using a virtual reality technology called Oculus Rift in October 2014. Now almost after a year, Rift creator 22-year old Palmer Luckey has indicated a verbal refutation to the comments of the director.

“He is incorrect. All you have to do is try virtual reality to understand that it goes beyond anything you can do, even on a 3D television or a 3D movie screen,” Luckey said.

“Being surrounded, feeling like you’re actually present in a virtual world, it gives you a much more compelling canvas to tell stories with than having to frame everything into a small rectangle you just watch,” Luckey said. “I think that speaks for itself.”

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