‘Avatar 2’: Release Date, Updates on the Set, Exploring Pandora’s Depths, and a Quick Reveal of What to Expect from the Film

By Jerone Cruz | 2 years ago
‘Avatar 2’: Release Date, Updates on the Set, Exploring Pandora’s Depths, and a Quick Reveal of What to Expect from the Film

The “Avatar” movie was released back in 2009 with the promise of a sequel after its successful debut. However, the roughly 7-year-wait for “Avatar 2” will be extended a little longer because instead of the previously planned 2016 release date, it has been delayed for another year and will hit the cinemas around December in 2017. Read on for more details.

In an interview regarding the “Avatar” sequel, the CEO of 20th Century Fox, Jim Ginaopulos said “James Cameron has his own pace,” as mentioned by Vcpost. With regards to the length of production then, it looks like the film’s delay is permitted and understood by the studio.

Fret not avid fans of Cameron’s film for this delay takes with it good tidings. The length of production is not because of the problems in the script, design, or budget. Gianopolus ensures us this when he said that he went to visit the production set himself and saw in full glory the ideas and works of James Cameron.

“Avatar 2” delayed release date then is because of the director’s inability to gain access to the necessary technology/equipment that would ensure that what he envisioned could be brought into to existence. Even the CEO of Gianopolus recognizes the predicament Cameron is in when he said, “It’s the most amazing, breathtaking thing you’ve ever seen. His (James Cameron) challenge is to put all of that in a movie,” as reported by VineReport. In addition, once the director has obtained the proper equipment for the film he said that the next sequel (Avatar 3) is not too far of, reported by MasterHerald.

Even though there wasn’t a specific date the sequel of “Avatar” will go out, what we do know are the following things. First, the second movie shall be showcasing more of Pandora; the ocean to be more specific. This underwater scene is also partly the reason why the release of the movie was delayed. In connection with what was previously mentioned above, this underwater sequence is one of the scenes that needed a special kind of equipment that Cameron seems to have a hard time in acquiring. Second, with the recent interview with Zoe Saldana for Avatar 2, we now know that the movie’s script is aimed at tugging the heart strings of its viewers. Finally, the antagonist Colonel Miles Quaritch, who we last saw with two arrows on the chest, is said to return in the coming sequel, as reported by CinemaBlend.

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