Avatar 2: Released Date Pushed Back, Could Hit Theater On Christmas 2017

By Subhro Prakash Ghosh | 2 years ago
Avatar 2: Released Date Pushed Back, Could Hit Theater On Christmas 2017

James Cameron’s upcoming movie titled “Avatar 2” was originally going to hit the theater in the end of 2016. It was later postponed until January 2017. Now once again it is declared that the long-anticipated movie will be released in Christmas 2017.

Jim Gianopulos, Chairman and CEO, Fox Filmed Entertainment, said that he expects the Avatar series will have its sequel every year – “Avatar 2” in 2017, “Avatar 3” in 2018 and “Avatar 4” in 2019. Due to Jim Cameron’s ambitious development of the movie, the sequel “Avatar 2” took years in production and this is the reason why its release is once again deferred for almost a year.

When Gianopulos was asked the reason for the eight years gap between the original and its sequel, he simply remarked that “Jim Cameron has his own pace” at Gabelli & Company’s Movie & Entertainment Conference in New York City on Thursday, according to Variety

Gianopulos recently met Cameron at his office in New Zealand. He said that he saw Cameron’s room was fully covered with images, characters worlds, settings etc. According to Gianopulos, Cameron’s challenge is to put all of that in a movie.

“There was that moment when Jim Cameron said 10 foot blue people with tails. In the first movie, he created technology that was far ahead of its time. Of course, now he’s gone past that…all the pieces are in place. The story is being finalized,” cited Gianopulos.

Although Sigourney Weaver’s character died in “Avatar”, she will be resurrecting in the next sequel as Dr. Grace Augustine. Regarding her return, Cameron said to Cinema Blend, “Nobody dies in a science fiction movie.”

Audience will also see Sam Worthington coming back as Jake Sully in Avatar 2. Cameron has exchanged Sam’s character with his Na’vi avatar. Sam has signed a contract for the trilogy sequel now and it will be exciting to see how Cameron represents his new body.

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