‘Avatar 2’ Update: Is James Cameron Reason For Delay In Release Date? Plot For Sequel, Hints of New Creatures

By Subhro Prakash Ghosh | 2 years ago
‘Avatar 2’ Update: Is James Cameron Reason For Delay In Release Date? Plot For Sequel, Hints of New Creatures
Avatar 2 Pandora

Director James Cameron promised for sequel after the marvelous success of “Avatar” movie in 2009. But a period of roughly 7 years is likely to be not adequate for “Avatar 2” and now you would have to wait for another two years to be once again amused with the characters. Read below to know the causes of its delay in details.

When the sequel was first discussed in 2010, the film was slated to hit the big screen December 2014. But later it was pushed back to December 2016 and finally the release date is December 2017. Cameron already had a plan to use the underwater motion capture technology since 2013 and he accordingly prepared the script with Josh Friedman. But the production work drooped at the end of 2014 as the underwater motion capture technology was reported to be at the drawing board level.

According to Realty Today, Cameron was not satisfied with the current inefficient technologies that could not meet the certain elements in the movie. However, his crew is reportedly giving all efforts to meet the standard and quality that Cameron is looking for.

With the passing of time, Cameron and his team members have seemingly improved a lot of the software and computer graphics tools. Most importantly, the frame rate has been increased that is far advanced than the industry’s standard 24 frames per second. They have also declared their association with a New Zealand-based digital visual effects company named Weta Digital with an aim to develop a completely new suite of tools for accelerating the process.

Cameron earlier had a word with Coming Soon when he stated his plan of making up an ocean ecosystem for Pandora. This will allow the formation of new creatures and scenarios for the world of Pandora. However, he has not specified what sorts of technological advances he is specifically missing and what he is looking for, but there is no iota of doubt that he has something amazing in his mind.

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