‘Avatar 2’ Worth The Wait? James Cameron All Set To Come Up With A Perfection!

By Ila Samant | 2 years ago
‘Avatar 2’ Worth The Wait? James Cameron All Set To Come Up With A Perfection!
Avatar 2

“Avatar 2” movie has given quite interesting hints through its official front. Fans and viewers all around are wondering as to what James Cameron has in store for them. To begin things, we may not expect the movie any soon, and the type of perfectionist the director is, he will take time to give us a polished perfect movie.

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According to masterherald.com, one of the prominent reasons for the delay is that the makers of the movie are looking for adequate technology to fulfill their ideas as there is a lot going on in the minds of the production team.

Cameron, it seems, wishes to come up with a trilogy and this is what taking so much time and acting as a hurdle in moving things forward quickly. The director has more than one plot in his mind that he is thinking of right now, and he is yet to decide the final pick. He is not yet sure as to what exactly his wishes to have in the story.

For the things that we are aware of till now the new make will be moodier compared to its previous version and it focuses on a prison, dark theme. This means the entire tone of the movie will be changed to a greater extent.

According to cinemablend.com, efforts are being made to strike a balance with the negative part of the sequel. There were many positive things in “Avatar” and justice will not be done in case the “Avatar 2” bends towards the negative aspect of the story line.

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It is true that the story needs to evolve, but along with it there certain plots that appealed to fans in the original version. Makers of the movie don’t want to annoy viewers by changing these aspects.

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