‘Avatar 2’Update: World of Avatar Theme Park Launched At Disney’s D23 Event, Pandora Not To Be The Focus Of The Movie

By Subhro Prakash Ghosh | 2 years ago
‘Avatar 2’Update: World of Avatar Theme Park Launched At Disney’s D23 Event, Pandora Not To Be The Focus Of The Movie
Avatar 2

All we know is that the release date of the highly-anticipated movie “Avatar 2” is extended from 2016 to Christmas 2017 as the director James Cameron has always cherished a big dream to create an ocean ecosystem of Pandora. However, after a couple of weeks we will have some real updates in the aftermath of Disney’s D23 event that was held at the Anaheim Convention Center in Anaheim, California. Read below to get the latest updates.

It seems that the filming is in full speed as Disney’s D23 event observed the posters of specially created theme park for the “Avatar 2” audience. Disney unveiled its World of Avatar theme park in Florida’s Animal Kingdom during the event. It was an endeavor to show what the world of Pandora holds.

According to Christian Today, the theme park is the brainchild of the mysterious man behind “Avatar,” 61-year old Cameron,” which has been designed by Walt Disney Imagineering in association with Lightstorm Entertainment. The poster was exhibited with an objective to spot some clues on how the planet would be home to “banshees” that flourish in a “rich natural environment with mountains that float and interactive plants that glow at night.”

There was a buzz generated in the last few months by the media outlets and critics that Cameron would make the second sequel in such a way that it would take the audience to Pandora’s underwater wonders. But Cameron has made a clear note saying that the movie would optimistically try to amuse the fans how Pandora looks at underwater, but it would never be the focus of the movie.

“The fact that we’re basically overfishing, climate change … a few degrees of temperature rise are gonna basically take out the coral reefs,” Cameron said.

The production is reportedly using the cutting-edge motion capture technology with higher frame rate (the industry’s standard frame rate – 24 frames per second). Cameron earlier also said that his production team has been using highly advanced software and computer graphics tools to get the best result.

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