Avengers: Infinity War: Chris Evans Might Not Play Captain America After The Movie

By Anshul Hardikar | 1 year ago
Avengers: Infinity War: Chris Evans Might Not Play Captain America After The Movie
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Avengers: Infinity War will be Marvel’s biggest movie yet. With Chris Evans all set to return in his iconic role of Captain America, the question is if he will continue playing that role after the movie or not.

His future is not clear post this movie as his contract was of six movies. With it coming to an end, there are chances he will make way for a successor. But since he once mentioned that he is not done with the role, he might choose to stay on.

As the movie continues shooting back-to-back, question about him returning lingers. Here is the latest update about the Avengers: Infinity War star.

Not reprising his role in Phase 4

According to Screen Rant, an outlet did a profile on Chris’ entire acting career and according to it he will not be reprising his role in phase 4 or beyond. If that really happens than the current phase three could see Chris hanging up his shield for good.

If he were to quit from the role of Captain America, he will either be killed in Avengers: Infinity War or his character will simply not return as the superhero.

Not just superhero roles

The outlet’s profile also mentions that the reason why he might not play Captain America after this movie is because he wants to do a variety of roles and not just superhero ones.

Before he became popular as Captain America, he did star in some comedies and dramas but it was the superhero role that really proved to be his breakout role as a movie star.

Focus on directing

Another reason why Chris wants to move away from the role of Captain America is because he wants to focus on directing. The same profile mentions that he has an interest in directing and for the same he wants to take time off this role and get behind camera.

He did direct a movie titled Before We Go, which was his directorial debut. Though that movie had a limited release and premiered at the TIFF back in 2013.

Post Captain America: Civil War events

Last year’s Captain America: Civil War left Chris’ stint as Captain America hanging. His character dropping the shield led to many speculating that Steve Rogers will no longer be the superhero anymore.

So if Steve will not be Captain America, chances are Chris too might not return to the role. With Thanos invading Earth looking to destroy it, Marvel universe will still need their Captain to lead other heroes into battle. It remains to be seen if Chris will be seen in his iconic role post Avengers: Infinity War or not.

Avengers: Infinity War will release next year on May 4.


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