Avengers: Infinity War- Five Plotlines That Marvel Have Not Resolved Yet

By Anshul Hardikar | 2 years ago
Avengers: Infinity War- Five Plotlines That Marvel Have Not Resolved Yet
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Avengers: Infinity War will be the biggest Marvel movie yet. For the last decade, Kevin Feige and the team have been building MCU just so that it can lead to the events of the upcoming movie.

While building the cinematic universe, there have been many plotlines that Marvel touched upon, however, did not elaborate properly.

Stephen Strange reference

In Captain America: The Winter Soldier, when Captain America and Black Widow were chasing down HYDRA operatives, one of the captured operatives leaked an important information.

This information was about extraordinary individuals that were on HYDRA’s radar. Individuals like Captain America, Bruce Banner, and many others were on it including Stephen Strange’s name.

Strange, who is better known as Earth’s Sorcerer Supreme Doctor Strange, had not even been introduced in the MCU during the events of the movie.

The question is, why would Marvel put a character’s name that had not even been introduced? Many fans speculated that it could be an Easter egg hinting Strange’s appearance in the MCU.

It should also be noted that if Strange did exist in MCU at the time, he would still be a normal human without his superpowers. So then, why would HYDRA keep a close watch on him?

Disappearance of Janet Van Dyne

In Ant-Man, when Hank Pym was explaining the Quantum-verse to Paul Rudd’s Scott Lang, he warned him to never go sub-atomic and enter in it. Since the concept of time and space does not exist in the micro-verse, anyone going inside it would never return.

Pym also went on to explain how his wife Janet went sub-atomic during a mission and disappeared in the micro-verse. Later on, when Lang came back from the same universe, there were no details given about Janet who could be present in it.

There are chances that Pym’s wife is still alive in the Quantum-verse but with no details hinted, her disappearance remains a mystery.

Pepper and Tony’s relationship

Pepper and Tony had a wonderful relationship. However, this came to a screeching halt in Iron Man 3, when Stark decided to blow up all his suits for Pepper.

But since that movie, Pepper has neither showed up nor has their relationship been addressed. Tony in Captain America: Civil War did mention that they are on a break but his relationship with her has been put on a permanent stop in MCU.

Many believe that since he donned the armor again in Avengers: Age of Ultron despite having destroyed all of them for her, his ladylove did not take well to him going back to being a superhero.

As of now, Tony remains emotional about her and the last conversation he had with her was with Captain America.

Black Widow’s past

Another Avenger whose life remains an unexplained plotline is Scarlett Johansson’s Black Widow. She is the most secretive member of MCU. Her life has been explored in tiny moments via flashbacks but nothing has ever been shown in detail.

Going by the flashbacks, she was trained to be an assassin but how she ended up joining S.H.I.E.L.D was never explored.

The real Mandarin

Screen Rant reported that All Hail The King, which was a follow-up on Iron Man 3 saw Ben Kingsley’s fake Mandarin being freed out of prison by the real one.

However, after that, there has been no mention of the supervillain who also happens to be the leader of the terrorist organization called Ten Rings. There was an Easter egg of the terrorist group in Ant-Man but since then MCU has perhaps just forgotten about the character.

Iron Man 4 could have been the movie where fans would have seen the villain but that movie also remains hanging.

Plot and release date

Avengers and Guardians will go up against the mad titan Thanos who will be in possession of all the six infinity stones. It remains to be seen how do the heroes face a threat this powerful.

Avengers: Infinity War is scheduled to release next year on May 4.


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