‘Avengers: Infinity War- Part I:’ Ultron Will Return In The Form Of Magus

By Anshul Hardikar | 2 years ago
‘Avengers: Infinity War- Part I:’ Ultron Will Return In The Form Of Magus

“Avengers: Infinity War” is going to pit the “Avengers” against the mad titan Thanos as he comes looking to destroy Earth in his search for Infinity stones. It was also confirmed earlier that Thanos will not be the only villain who the “Avengers” will have to deal with as Magus is all set to join the Mad Titan in this war. A new update however suggests that there is a hidden villain from the past who the “Avengers” assumed dead. If this villain is set to return, things will definitely get messier.

According to Venture Capital Post, Ultron is set to return in “Avengers: Infinity War” in the form of Magus. Back in “Avengers: Age of Ultron,” the megalomaniac was created by Tony Stark and came into existence from the Mind stone, which happens to be an infinity stone. At the end of the movie, Vision presumably killed Ultron, however a theory suggests that Ultron was simply absorbed back into the mind stone that Vision had on his forehead. The same report suggests that Vision is more like a counterpart of Adam Warlock from whom Magus had broken free to become an individual evil entity. Given the intellect level at which the A.I program worked at, Ultron will reportedly corrupt Vision’s body and break free in the form of Magus. The reason why Magus should be a reason of worry for everyone, is because he was the one who assembled the Infinity gauntlet, the one Thanos has. He is also credited for creating an evil version of the “Avengers,” more like their doppelgangers because he has an ambition of creating a Universe of Evil. Casting is currently underway and an official announcement about the cast can be expected soon.

Apart from this, names of the six infinity stones were also revealed. They are the Mind stone, Soul stone, Space stone (Tesseract), Time stone, Reality stone and Power stone (Orb). The mad titan will collect each of these stones individually in order to single handedly rule the Universe.

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