Avengers: Infinity War: Reasons Why Loki Could Be A Hero In Disguise

By Anshul Hardikar | 2 years ago
Avengers: Infinity War: Reasons Why Loki Could Be A Hero In Disguise
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Avengers: Infinity War will pitch the Avengers against Thanos. The supervillain has used others to do his work for him. Loki is one such character who was hired by Thanos in The Avengers.

But since he failed to complete Thanos’ task, the latter decided to take matters in his own hand. The question is, why did Loki fail despite having an Infinity stone by his side?

He would have unlimited power if he was in possession of an infinity stone. What if Loki failed Thanos purposely? What if Loki who was introduced as a supervillain in the MCU is, in fact, someone else?

There is a possibility that his role isn’t really what it looks like. The possibility remains of him being a good guy, afterall.

Saving Asgard

Loki first appeared in Thor, he portrayed the younger brother of Thor, overshadowed by the God of Thunder most of the time. As opposed to an arrogant, proud and brash Thor, Loki was the more composed and calm brother.

Since he could not argue with Thor over who would be the next king, which may be the reason why he planned to keep Thor away from  Asgard by leading the Jotuns.

He must have been aware that because of this incident, his brother would over-react and make a wrong move. Since Thor was desperate to prove himself as a worthy future king, he attacked Jotunheim as expected and even argued with Odin.

Because of this mistake, Thor was banished and sent to Earth. This could be Loki’s plan to ensure the welfare of Asgard, considering his brother’s attitude.

War on Earth

Another major incident to think about is when Loki won Thanos’ trust and acquired the  scepter from him. Winning Thanos’ trust could also be a part of Loki’s plan.

In order to save the universe from the titan, Loki might have convinced him that he can do his work for him. Getting the scepter, which actually had the mind stone inside it, would have been Loki’s way of taking the stone away from Thanos.

If the mind stone was left with Thanos, the mad titan could still have done considerable damage with it. He also got the Chitauri army to assist him in attacking Earth.

Attacking Earth too would have been his plan because he must have been aware that the heroes on Earth will somehow destroy the army. With an entire army killed, Loki must have got rid of a powerful force, making the universe a safer place.

If the Chitauri had not been destroyed in The Avengers, they could have done more damage later on in the MCU.

Taking Tesseract away from S.H.I.E.L.D

Much like the scepter, Tesseract also had an infinity stone inside it. Loki must have known that S.H.I.E.L.D is in possession of it and are planning to make weapons out of it.

Wanting to take it away from them, he used everyone in a way that the stone will be used to open a portal, Chitauri will be destroyed and in the end, it would even lead Thor to take possession of Tesseract from Earth.

With Tesseract in Asgard, Loki must have been assured that humans will not use it again to make deadly weapons out of it. He also ensured that two stones were kept far away from Thanos.

Love for mother

In Thor: The Dark World when Queen Frigga died and Loki was devastated. The movie cleverly hinted that she must have been the only one for whom Loki had genuine feelings for.

He turned away and destroyed his cell out of rage. All throughout the movie, he showed that no one meant anything to him, but this scene portrayed a different picture altogether.

Sacrifice in Avengers: Infinity War

Reports have been speculating that Thanos will be looking for Loki mainly because the latter failed him in The Avengers. It has also been rumored that Loki might be on Thanos’ side only to betray him later on.

So in Avengers: Infinity War, if Loki does betray Thanos, it would force the latter to kill him. Forcing the mad titan to kill him would be his way of creating a distraction.

Till the time Thanos proceeds to kill Loki, the Avengers could attack the mad titan. This way he will  be able to stop Thanos and also make others realize that he was not the bad guy all along.

ComicBookMovie.com presented a theory that Loki must be tricking everyone into believing that he is a bad guy. According to the outlet, his means have been bad but he has not done anything evil as opposed to Thanos who wants to destroy the universe.

If this theory about Loki is true, it could be one of the biggest twists after Severus Snape’s twist in the Harry Potter franchise.

Avengers: Infinity War will release next year on May 4.


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