Avengers: Infinity War- Robert Downey Jr. Teases Asgardian Armor For Iron Man

By Anshul Hardikar | 2 years ago
Avengers: Infinity War- Robert Downey Jr. Teases Asgardian Armor For Iron Man
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Avengers: Infinity War is currently being filmed. The ensemble movie will see Marvel heroes going up against Thanos. One of the main heroes fighting the mad titan will be Iron Man and as per the latest update, he will be well prepared for it.

A recently posted picture by Robert Downey Jr. has started speculations that his character will be seen in a new armor. However, it should be noted that this armor is nothing like the ones the superhero has used in MCU.

New armor

Screen Rant reported that after appearing in this year’s Spider-Man: Homecoming, Downey will appear in Avengers: Infinity War. However, in order to fight Thanos in the movie, his character could be seeking some otherworldly help.

The actor has sparked a new rumor that Iron Man will be seen sporting an Asgardian armor. He took to his official Facebook page and shared a picture of what looks like the Asgardian Uru armor.

While no other details have been shared about it, the armor does happen to have a deep history in the comic books.


Going by the name, it is clear that the armor has roots in Asgard, which is the home world of Thor, the God of Thunder. It is considered one of the most powerful armors that Tony Stark has ever used.

As far as its use goes, it is ten times more powerful than any armor Stark has ever built. It has given Stark so much power that he has been able to fight God-like beings while wearing that.

It is constructed out of a pious unearthly material called Uru, the same material that was used to build Thor’s mighty hammer Mjolnir and the Destroyer. The armor is also sometimes considered an upgrade of the Bleeding Edge armor, which gives Stark his own abilities.

Stark’s possession of the armor

The real question now is how will Stark get his hands on the armor. In the comic books, it was through the help of Thor’s father, Odin.

He wore one of his regular armors and dipped himself in molten Uru. When he emerged out of the material, his armor had upgraded itself into an armor very similar to the Destroyer.

The armor endowed Stark with the power of Gods, as he was able to go up against a very powerful adversary. As far as the movie goes, Stark could get his hands on the armor with Thor’s help.

Since Odin and many others are rumored to die in Thor: Ragnarok, Stark will have to seek Thor’s help to use the Uru armor. Also since the heroes will be going up against Thanos in the movie, using the Uru armor will be really beneficial for Stark.

Armor’s use

If Stark does end up upgrading one of his armors into the Uru armor, it could really help him in the battle against Thanos. As mentioned above, the armor gave Stark God-like powers, which will indeed help him because the mad titan will be in possession of all the six infinity stones.

Since the battle between the heroes and Thanos will also be taking place in outer space, it will further help Stark when he singlehandedly goes up against the mad titan.


Avengers: Infinity War will see the heroes trying to protect the world from the all-powerful Thanos who will possess God-like powers. Avengers will also be joining hands with Guardians of the Galaxy, as both the teams aim to destroy Thanos and taking control of all the infinity stones.

Some heroes are expected to die in the movie but until now there only have been rumors about who could be dying.

Release date

Avengers: Infinity War is expected to release next year on May 4 and its untitled sequel will release in 2019.


Photo source: Facebook/Robert Downey Jr.


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