Avril Lavigne better with or without her heavy makeup?

By admin | 4 years ago

It looks like Avril Lavigne, wife of Nickleback lead singer Chad Kroeger, is turning a new leaf. At least that’s what it looks like from her January Allure magazine photos.

The beautiful punk singer has been well known for her heavy eye makeup and dark finger nail polish but from the photos of her Allure magazine shoot, her makeup is toned down a bit and the makeunder looks gorgeous and suites her very well, it is like seeing the other side of her, the sweet side that is.

The singer told Allure that she loves her heavy makeup and that she rarely takes it off, she even wore it at her wedding with Chad Kroeger.

“I wear the black eyeliner- M.A.C. Smolder-pretty much every day,” Lavigne said. “I do it when I’m just at home.”

She said that the heavy makeup gives her a bit of a security net as she is one of those shy types. However, Allure decided to switch things up a bit and give a slight change of pace to Avril’s look, putting on as little make up as they could to give her a makeunder!.

Check out the photos here.

Source: iDesignTimes

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