Avril Lavigne is Finally Feeling Better! She is Going to Perform with Taylor Swift

By Meghna Subhedhar | 2 years ago
Avril Lavigne is Finally Feeling Better! She is Going to Perform with Taylor Swift
Avril Lavigne

Avril Lavigne is happier now than she has been in months. The lady is finally recovering from Lyme disease and is happy enough to break the news to her fans through the media. She recently posted her picture from her doctor’s office, where she got the first bit of good news in months. Read on for more details.

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Songstress Avril Lavigne was down on her luck ever since she had contracted the dreaded Lyme disease which was making her feel tired and lethargic all day everyday. For months on end, she could not even get out of her bed. She went to many doctors who misdiagnosed her illness and assumed that she was depressed or mentally ill. The lady had almost lost her battle when the doctors finally figured out what’s wrong with her.

She was diagnosed with the dreaded Lyme disease where the patient can feel lethargic and tired months after he first contracted the disease. The disease is a silent attacker because patients often feel better from a bout and end up feeling worse again after a month or two after the first bout of infection has subsided. Some patients might even show signs of memory loss after an infectious episode. The disease isn’t completely curable unless the antibiotics are administered early on. Patients may fall sick again even after successful treatment. Sometimes the disease appears again many years after the first attack.

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Avril is recovering from her bout now and is delighted to break the news to her fans. She has finally taken on some projects that she is equally excited about. She would be performing at the 2015 Special Olympics Opening Ceremony soon and will be joining Taylor Swift in San Diego for her 1989 tour.

USA Today reported the news first.

Photo Source: Facebook / Avril Lavigne


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