Awkward Midseason 4 Premiere Recap: Up All Night

By April Lara | 3 years ago
Awkward Midseason 4 Premiere Recap: Up All Night
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Awkward” Season 4 Episode 12 “Up All Night” was a flurry of tension, misery and happiness as the seniors finally had their finals. Meanwhile, Jenna, Eva and Matty had to face some difficult situations. Read on for the full recap of this episode.

Now that Eva is pregnant and Matty is the father, she has finally got him wrapped around her finger. No one really likes this, especially Jenna because she knows that Eva is a fraud, and she just could not believe the whole pregnancy thing. However, Jenna had other important things that she needs to focus on: finals.

Before Jenna can concentrate on studying for her finals, she first made the decision to make it up to Luke when she ditched him on the ski trip. She went to Luke’s place with a package but only got disappointed when she saw him with another girl who called him babe and even mistaken Jenna as Luke’s sister. Ouch.

Jenna did not let that whole incident with Luke and his girl get to her because she really had to study. Tamara also learned about Eva’s pregnancy, and Eva talked to her about her condition and Matty’s plans on looking at wedding rings after finals. In addition, Matty’s mom’s earrings were missing…

Meanwhile, Lissa was hooking up with her stepbrother, Tyler, and it was so surprising that Sadie did not notice this, knowing how keen of an observer she always has been.

Tamara did not hesitate to tell Jenna about what Eva told her, and of course, Jenna freaked out and immediately went to Matty to stop him. However, Matty did not appreciate Jenna’s gesture. This left Jenna very heartbroken. Things went downhill from there for Jenna when Luke came to her to break up with her officially.

Before Jenna could let her misery get the best of her, she snapped out of it and focused on studying for her finals. She got through her finals, and when she was on her way out to class, she met Eva. Eva told her that she heard about Luke and felt bad because Jenna “can’t keep a man.” Matty overheard this encounter.

Matty, willing to keep his promise to Eva to take her wedding-ring shopping, took her, but then she told Eva that she was not very honest with him. Of course, Eva tried to charm her way out of Matty’s doubts, but Matty has been doing some investigating on his own and learned that Eva used Gloria’s pregnancy test, which means that she is not the one pregnant but Gloria! Busted! He also figured out that it was Eva who stole his mom’s earrings.

Now that she was busted, she has no Matty anymore. Matty told her to leave the school and the people that she got accepted to NYU. If she doesn’t leave within 24 hours, he will tell the whole school her true identity. Scared of this thought, Eva left right away.

As for Jenna, she got good grades on her finals. She decided to treat herself by eating Chinese with her mom in bed when Matty dropped by at her place and apologized for not believing her. Of course, Jenna forgave him, and they shared Chinese food together while in bed.

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