Awkward Recap: Season 4 Episode 7 After Hours

By April Lara | 4 years ago
Awkward Recap: Season 4 Episode 7 After Hours
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The latest “Awkward” Season 4, Episode 7 “After Hours” opened with Jenna working on her Math with Luke and it turned into a bed hookup instead. Of course, Lacey saved the day by ruining the moment and saying that “It takes only one thrust for someone to become a teen mom.” There was also Matty’s destructive behavior. Read on for MNG’s “Awkward” recap of Season 4 Episode 7 “After Hours.”

Jenna and Luke decided to make out and continue what Lacey has ruined outdoors but then they met Matty. Matty, being the green-eyed monster that he is, just won’t let it go. He told Jenna that he has tickets for the Echo Smith concert for her, Tamara and Jake. Oh, the awesome foursome, which is not a foursome anymore. So what did Luke said about this encounter? He told Jenna to go, being the bigger person that he is and he has to study for his midterms as well, so he let Jenna go with Matty.

In other “Awkward” news, Tamara and Jake created a scene again that made the both of them perfectly fit high school with a screaming match in the cafeteria. Of course, Val comes to the rescue to interfere and break up the fight by using Matty and Jenna as her examples that exes can be friends. Well, she just made things worse – again.

Jenna played Cupid, too when she setup Matty with Eva for concert night. Thankfully, they clicked. As for Jake, he didn’t go to the concert but instead went to a party with a lot of hot girls while he gets stalked by Tamara through his Twitter account. And, her phone got snatched because she’s so consumed with her cyber stalking she was willing to tussle with the robber just to get her phone back. Oh, and her car got towed, too. But of course, Jake came to her rescue. Tamara’s granny had to pay for the $400 charge.

The whole gang who went to the concert decided to get a couple of beers and get a fake ID. Thanks to Eva, they were able to grab a few beers, but not in Palos Hills. They got their drinks right smack in the ghettoville. Sadie, who is never shy to speak her mind thought that Eva may be lying to them about getting fake IDs. This irked Eva so she showed Austin the bedroom photo that she took when Sadie and Matty were spooning. Austin called it quits right away.

Turns out, Eva wasn’t faking it and she did get them some fake IDs to get some booze. Meanwhile, Jenna’s jealousy gets reawakened, but she tried to let it go by giving her blessing to Matty and Eva. However, Matty stung her by saying: “Should I have given you my blessing when you cheated on me with Colin last year, or maybe when you started to date Luke. We don’t need each other’s blessings, Jenna, we’re not together.”

To make things even worse than it is, Matty left with Eva and Jake. Unfortunately, Matty and Jake got busted for DUI. That’s it for the “Awkward” recap of Season 4 Episode 7 “After Hours.” What do you think of it? Share with us your thoughts by posting your comments below! For the latest news, spoilers, and recaps about “Awkward” as well as other TV shows and entertainment news, just catch it here on Movie News Guide (MNG).

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