Awkward Season 4 Finale Recap: Spring Break Part 2

By April Lara | 3 years ago
Awkward Season 4 Finale Recap: Spring Break Part 2
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Jenna’s spring break isn’t over yet, and we are in for more surprises to wrap up this season in “Awkward” Season 4 Episode 21 “Spring Break Part 2.” Read on for the full recap.

The first half of the episode already revealed tons of revelations that have left our mouths agape. First, there was Matty and Gabby who planned to visit his dad again; Jake didn’t get to Northwestern, which was his first choice; Lissa’s dad got out of gay rehab; Sergio and Sadie fought. And the biggest revelation of all? Jenna’s mom is pregnant!

Meanwhile, Jenna went out with Brian, the marine she met last episode, at the beach, while Matty and Gabby set off to his dad’s place again. Brian didn't know much about Matty and his remark that Gabby seems to be the perfect girl for him made her think.

Sadie was so thrilled that she got her scholarship, but Theo was mad at her. He planned to continue to be mad at her amidst the joyous occasion that his girlfriend chooses to celebrate. It was only Tamara who celebrated with her at the bar, but then Lissa, accompanied by Theo and Cole, arrived with the news that her father got out of gay rehab.

Tamara found Jenna at the bar with Brian, and they introduced her to one of Brian’s friends, Adam. They hit it off right away, and one surprising thing that happened that night was Tamara got engaged to Adam. And Tamara was all up for it because Adam’s leaving to be deployed so she’s not really taking the whole engagement thing seriously.

Theo and Cole contacted Lissa’s father, and Lissa found her dad at the bar. They talked, and Lissa’s father told her that he now fully accepts himself as a gay man. Lissa was relieved to hear this. Sadie realized Sergio’s worth to her to she went back to their house, and she admitted that she’s only acting that way because she’s scared to miss him. Sergio took her, cuddled her and told her that she only needs to accept that she’s going to miss him.

Jenna stopped by the house, and her parents shared her the news. She felt bad that she wouldn’t be around for the baby, and her mother told her that she’s not pursuing her college plans. She told her not to leave college again for a baby, and her mom is now even more determined to pursue college while she’s pregnant. Nothing’s going to stop her now.

With the bad news that Jake received, he stopped by the pool and saw Gabby there. Gabby was looking unhappy as well, and we could totally predict what’s going to happen to them — of course, they hooked up, and they woke up the next morning looking really guilty.

As for Matty, she sought out Jenna only to find her mom at home and told him to let Jenna move on already because he had his chance. He went out, feeling devastated, and saw Jenna and Brian at the beach. Jake came up to him almost about to admit what he and Gabby did but backed out the last minute and told Matty to pursue Jenna again. However, Matty only answered that he had his chance, and he lost it.

And as for Tamara’s engagement, well, she found out that Adam’s not leaving in nine months, which means that they still have the time to get married. 

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