Awkward Season 4 Recap: Auld Lang Party

By April Lara | 3 years ago
Awkward Season 4 Recap: Auld Lang Party
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In the latest episode of “Awkward,” Episode 13, “Auld Lang Party” we were taken to a bit further than where we are right now as the cast of the show apparently celebrated New Year’s Eve. For those of you who have missed the show, don’t worry because we have the full recap for you.

Jenna set up a table a few hours before the New Year because Matty is coming over. All along, Jenna thought it would just be her and Matty, but it turned out that Matty invited Jake to come with him, and he even asked Jenna to invite Tamara. What is this, some kind of a reconciliation party? Rekindling old flames?

Tamara, Jake, Jenna and Matty all agreed to have dinner altogether; but things got a bit boring — hey, it’s New Year’s Eve, people should be out partying and celebrating. However, this problem was immediately fixed when Sadie invited them to her place to come join the party of her mom together with her mom’s college friends and other older people. Sadie also invited a lot of people from the school, so things got pretty balanced in the party, and all of them agreed to come.

The party was a bit funny, with older people and teenagers partying together. It was funny because some were trying to hit on each other. In fact, Matty was a very in-demand choice for the cougars.

All Jenna wanted was to share a New Year’s kiss with Matty, but when the clock struck 12, she kissed Owen because she thought that Matty didn’t want to share a kiss with her at midnight. However, in reality, Matty was actually looking for her, and he wanted to share that special kiss with her too! Aww, that’s just too bad!

To make things worse and even more awkward for Jenna, she found out that Owen was sophomore at her school. When her friends asked her where she was at midnight, she opted not to tell them. Matty agreed to make up for their midnight kiss.

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