Awkward Season 4 Recap: Bonfire of the Vanities

By April Lara | 3 years ago
Awkward Season 4 Recap: Bonfire of the Vanities
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A secret phonebook and a database to rate one’s sexcapades? Find out what happened on “Awkward” Season 4 Episode 15 “Bonfire of the Vanities.” 

Jenna finally hooked up with Owen, but Jenna felt that she should keep the whole Owen thing going on a secret to everyone  because he’s a sophomore, and she’s off to college in a few months. To make matters worse, she found out that she was the first person to have sex with Owen, which means that she is responsible for taking away his virginity. She learned about it when Owen wrote her a piece titled “First Time.”

Matty and Gabby actually had a date set up already. Tamara, on the other hand, was busy preparing for the bonfire when she got a call from her former hook up, Pete, who called her “Allentown.” Confused, the Julies introduced them to the phone book where guys rate their sexcapades with the girls. They found this phonebook at the phonebook section of the library, and Jenna was upset that Matty rated her low.

She confronted him about this, and Gabby saw the whole interaction that she dumped Matty right then and there, telling him that the date is off and he shouldn’t bother asking for another chance with her again. As for Tamara, she decided to take matters into her own hands by creating a database where girls can rate the guys that they’ve slept with. As for Jenna, she was about to tell Tamara about her relationship with Owen until Tamara made a joke about it, and she decided to just keep her mouth shut.

During the bonfire, Matty made a public apology to all of the females he coded in the book while looking at Jenna the whole time. He told her that he only coded Jenna that way because he was still a sophomore back then, and he didn’t think of Jenna as a real person, more of like a booty call back then.

Jenna ended things with Owen not because he was a sophomore (although that’s a factor) but because she thought that Owen deserves a real relationship with someone who will stay and will be around. She’s leaving for college in a few months, and it will be unfair for Owen.

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