Awkward Season 4 Recap: Girl Rules

By April Lara | 3 years ago
Awkward Season 4 Recap: Girl Rules
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It’s Matty’s 18th birthday as well as Jenna's big day in “Awkward” Season 4 Episode 18 “Girl Rules.” Read on for the full recap.

Jenna was waiting for her college acceptance letter from Lockhart while her mom encouraged her. However, Jenna was looking so nervous. Why?

When Jenna got to school, she gave Matty a cupcake for his 18th birthday, but she was immediately upstaged by Gabby when she gave him a tower of homemade cupcakes, as well as a birthday cheer. Jake invited Matty to skip school and celebrate him being now "legal." They then head to a strip club.

Gabby invited Jenna to Matty’s surprise party, but Jenna turned her down. Lissa got expelled in school because of the drugs during the V-day dance, which means that Sadie is now the cheerleading captain, and Tamar didn’t take it so well. In fact, the two engaged in a catfight.

Jenna told Tamara about Gabby’s invitation to her and the gifts that she gave Matty. Tamara told her that Gabby was competing with her, and she’s winning. Jenna shouldn’t let that happen. So Jenna decided to tell Gabby that she’s coming to the party, and Gabby invited Tamara as well and asked them if they could go early so they could help her with the party preparations.

While preparing for the party, Jenna made sure that she’ll win this time, with her knowledge of what Matty likes and dislikes. This was surely her advantage, and this caused Gabby to take a step back. During cheer practice, Tamara got a text to pick up Matty and Jake at the strip club so they wouldn’t get too wasted and make it to the party. Tamara brought Sadie along, but their fake IDs were, well, busted, so they had to go to the back of the club and pretended to be strippers in cheerleading outfits. Fortunately, they were successful, and they managed to bring Jake and Matty to the party.

While waiting for Matty, Jenna and Gabby had a heart to heart talk, and the two girls openly admitted that they were intimidated with each other. Jake asked Matty what he would do now that he could do anything that he wants because he’s legal .Matty answered that he just wants to find his real parents.

When they got to the party, everything went well, and Matty found an envelope addressed to him and kept it in his bag and saved it for later. Moreover, Jenna got a big envelope from Lockhart, and she was so thrilled because that means that she got accepted. When she got home and opened it, she was surprised that it was addressed to her mom! It turned out that her mom applied to the same college because once Jenna leaves for college, she won’t have anything to do. She always fancied to go back to college. Jenna got hers, but unfortunately, she didn’t get accepted.

After that, Matty came, bringing the envelope wth the information about this parents. He confided to Jenna that his real mom kept her information private, but his father didn’t. Jenna also told him about what happened to Lockhart, and they kissed. They were about to hook-up when Jenna stopped because she’s now friends with Gabby, and she doesn’t want to ruin that.

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