Awkward Season 4 Recap: Hashtag Drama

By April Lara | 3 years ago
Awkward Season 4 Recap: Hashtag Drama
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With the phonebook discovery last episode that Jenna and Tamara discovered, the DudeDatabase is still on and no one knows who made in. In “Awkward” Season 4, Episode 16 “Hashtag Drama,” the whole school find out who’s behind the dude database and Tamara is also hiding one huge secret from her best friend, Jenna. Read on for the full recap.

Tamara revealed to Jenna that the DudeDatabase has gone viral and the guys are itching to know who’s behind it. People are being questioned about the whole database that even Jenna was called by Val. Meanwhile, Matty is still pursuing Gabby.

Gabby, on the other hand, tried to challenge Gabby and give him a chance. She finally agreed to go out on a group date with Sadie and Sergio. They planned to go mini-golfing. As for Lissa, she’s worried that she and her gay father won’t go to heaven but her friends Theo and Cole reassured her that they will.

Tamara has been hiding something from Jenna, too. It turns out, Tamara also hooked up with Owen! Jenna found out about this and Tamara even got so upset. Jenna wanted to come clean so she visited Tamara’s house only to find Owen there who already told Tamara everything. Tamara was furious and the girls didn’t talk for quite some time.

During the mini golf date, Sergio and Sadie were winning and Matty didn’t even try to win until a bet came that if he shoots the ball into the hole, he’ll get kissed by Sadie. After several missed shots, he was able to let the ball get into that hole. Unfortunately, instead of getting that kiss, Gabby told him that he’s been playing her all along. Hearing this, Matty just simply gave up and Gabby retorted that he couldn’t take a challenge. Fed up, Matty told her that she’s the one who’s afraid to take on a challenge like him and that impressed Gabby.

Val called for an assembly of intervention because the whole school was chaotic due to the DudeDatabase. She made everyone talk about the things that they hate. When it was Tamara’s turn, she voiced out the whole Owen-Jenna thing and Jenna responded right away. They both got into a scream fest, but they were able to patch things up and they become friends again.

Jenna deleted the database, but Tamara tried to stop her – however, the whole student body heard Tamara and realized that Jenna was the one who made the database.

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