Awkward Season 4 Recap: Over the Hump

By April Lara | 3 years ago
Awkward Season 4 Recap: Over the Hump
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College hunting is taking a toll on Jenna in the latest episode of “Awkward” Season 4 Episode 19 “Over the Hump.” Read on for the full recap.

Jenna’s mom wanted to cheer her up by going on a vacation this upcoming spring break. Everyone’s going to the beach house, and it’s going to be super fun. Sadie would be coming too, and she just got accepted into Columbia. Meanwhile, Jenna’s mom was keeping mum about her college acceptance to her husband. However, Jenna told her dad about the news, and her dad was so surprised he couldn’t offer at least a bit of support for his wife. Nevertheless, Jenna’s mom was determined to go through with it.

After the almost hook-up with Matty, Jenna was feeling guilty because she’s now good friends with Gabby, and Gabby was also joining them for spring break. She thought that she should tell Gabby that she and Matty kissed, and she told Matty about this. However, Matty said no because it could only ruin things for her and him, and things were starting to get better.

With her college acceptance and the joy out of it, Sadie realized that she doesn’t have enough money to pay for college so she asked Theo and Cole’s help to film a scholarship video. She also asked Jake to be her image consultant. She wanted to look sweet and worthy of that scholarship. However, Sadie has overdone it, and Jake was the least supportive of this because he kept on pushing Sadie to just be herself. But Sadie was on a roll, trying to overdo everything because she thinks she can get accepted for scholarship that way.

So what Jake did was to intentionally air the bloopers from the scholarship video during the morning announcements to teach her a lesson that when she gets into college, she gets a chance to have a clean slate so she doesn’t need to overdo the video and pretend to be someone she’s actually not.

Matty came to Jenna to tell her that he got his father’s number and he tried calling him, but the number was old So when they tried to research on Google, they got interrupted when Jenna’s mom told them that Gabby’s there, and she kicked Matty out. Gabby came by at Jenna’s to give her a gift for helping out with Matty’s party, and this made her feel even more guilty.

The next day, Gabby stopped by at Jenna’s locker to tell her that she’s fine with what happened between her and Matty after the party. Jenna then blurted out the whole kiss thing because she thought that’s what Gabby knows, but Matty only told her that he went to talk to Jenna because of her mom’s college acceptance, and she was upset. Gabby was devastated, and Matty decided to go to spring break.

With everything that’s going on her life, Jenna lashed out on her mom. Then again, the good thing was that her dad was there to offer her some advice. Her dad told her that Matty did that because she’s more comfortable opening up to her than anyone else in the world. In the end, Matty decided to contact his father and visit him on their spring break because he lives near the beach rental house. The sad thing was he didn’t tell Jenna about this, but Gabby.

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