Awkward Season 4 Recap: Spring Break Part 1

By April Lara | 3 years ago
Awkward Season 4 Recap: Spring Break Part 1
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It’s finally spring break in “Awkward” Season 4 Episode 20 “Spring Break Part 1,” and Jenna has finally received some good news. Read on for the full recap.

Jenna and her mom were on their way to the beach house in Mexico for spring break when Jenna found out that FINALLY, she’s been accepted to college. Now she can celebrate while on a break. When they got to the beach house, Jenna’s friends were already there, as well as Matty, who got there a bit late. When Matty got there, he apologized to Jenna after what happened last episode with the whole Gabby thing.

It seemed like everything’s falling into place for Jenna… or maybe not? Meanwhile, Sadie was being bitchy about every thing during the break, and her boyfriend, Sergio, has been nothing but completely patient with her. She’s even more bitchy now because she’s anxious to know the decision regarding her scholarship to Columbia. Theo and Cole crashed spring break together with Lissa, who looks so different now by the way.

Jenna got disappointed when Matty took Gabby to see his biological dad, and her mom witnessed this and gave Jenna some advice. As for Jake and Tamara, they learned that the video they’ve uploaded on YouTube got so popular in Japan when some Japanese fangirls approached them at the beach. And because of this, they decided to make another one. Tyler offered to translate the Japanese comments on the video, and it turned out the comments were negative because they were making fun of Jake and Tamara.

Sadie finally got her scholarship, and she became so much nicer, especially to Sergio. Jenna, on the other hand, met a cute guy at the beach named Brian, a marine. They talked and exchanged numbers.

As for Matty, he finally met his dad, and he was pretty cool. He was overwhelmed with the meeting, and Jenna quickly picked up on it and went to Matty’s room to talk to him. But surprisingly, Matty shut the door in her face.

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