Awkward Season 4 Recap: The New Sex Deal

By April Lara | 3 years ago
Awkward Season 4 Recap: The New Sex Deal
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In “Awkward” Season 4 Episode 17 “The New Sex Deal,” another hookup happened, while Jenna got blown away — not in a good way, though. Read on for the full recap.

Valentine’s Day was here, which meant that love is in the air. However, not everyone’s feeling it, especially Jenna who’s still being blamed for the database that she admitted to simply because someone overheard it. Kudos to her for standing up for it, but boo for Tamara for letting Jenna take all the blame and pretend to be innocent. As for Jenna, she let this slide because Jenna is Jenna. But not for long because things like that has a way of creeping back on you.

Jenna set up a party bus to make up for what she’s done, and everyone was to ride on it on their way to the Valentine’s Day dance. Tamara got the booze, and the group rode the bus. Jenna’s mood changed when she saw Matty arrived with Gabby. The party bus was such a surprise because it was very different from what Jenna and the group imagined because they were under the notion that it was a “party” bus, not a “stripper” bus! It came with a dancing pole, and Jenna, again being her awkward self, tried the pole, but it broke. And to make matters worse for the whole group, drinking isn’t allowed in the bus. So they tried to make things fun by playing the “NEVER HAVE I EVER” game. When it was Jenna’s turn, she said, “Never have I ever taken someone’s virginity.” And this made things awkward between her, Gabby and Matty.

Meanwhile, Will hasn’t been able to pick up some Vday hints that Val is leaving, and this disappointed her. Meanwhile, Lissa was having problems of  her own because her boyfriend, who is also her stepbrother, has been sent away to another family while her dad was on a retreat for gay people.

During the dance, Jenna went up the stage to convince everyone to move on from the whole database thing. Finally, Tamara went up with her and admitted her part on it. Jake and Tamra hooked up, and they were fine to keep things casual between them, while Matty confronted Jenna about the virgin thing and even asked her whose Valentine’s card she took. Gabby got mad at him, and she walked out of the dance.

Val, on the other hand, had some guests, Ally and Jenna’s mom. She saw Ally smoking and she asked her to move right under the smoke detector. After that, she tried to make Sadie feel better because Sergio ditched her for work. However, Sergio walked in and Val was left all alone again. Not for long, though, because Will surprised her with flowers. It was just perfect timing as the alarm set off, and they got sprinkled with water.

Things were going back to normal for Jenna because people were treating her normally again after taking her stand during the dance, while Tamara was so cool with hooking up with Jake casually. Jenna went to Matty to apologize, and Matty accepted it but told Jenna that Gabby wants to take things slow because she’s a virgin. The cherry on top? He told her that there are some things worth waiting for. Ouch, Jenna! Burned?

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