Awkward Season 4 Recap: Welcome to Hell

By April Lara | 3 years ago
Awkward Season 4 Recap: Welcome to Hell
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It was the Career Fair Day for “Awkward” Episode 14 “Welcome to Hell.” It was the day when Southern Coast University (SCU) will send out the results of hopeful college freshmen. If you missed it, we have the full recap for you.

The fact that they will get the results of their SCU entrance exam, Jenna mustered so much confidence throughout the day because she knows that she’s going to get it until she had a run-in with someone from the past, Owen. Owen was really sweet and even gave her a book, but Jenna wasn’t thrilled about this whole “friendly” thing right away because for her, it was just a one-night hookup. She really didn’t want to be with him. After that encounter, Matty came, and they talked about stuff.

Back in class, Tamara was so nervous because any moment now they will get a text from SCU if they got in or not. Just like that, all phones started beeping, and a lot of people in the class were screaming and joyous except for Jenna. Unfortunately, she didn’t get in. She didn’t want anyone to know she felt so rejected.

As for Matty, he was trying to pursue Gabby who’s really not into him. Then Owen asked Jenna out, but Jenna rejected him. During the Career Fair, Jenna was surprised that her parents were there, and they were going to present. All she wanted to do was to go home after getting rejected by SCU. A lawyer whom Jake hooked up during New Year’s was there to present. They hooked up again when Jake told her that he’s now of legal age.

Lissa’s parents’ booth was such an entertainment when they try to promote their faith, and Sadie even came out as Jesus Christ. Then there were Jenna’s parents who came with an author, and that’s when Jenna told them that she didn’t get to SCU. The author then gave her a pep talk, which improved her mood. Back at home, Jenna came in to hear her parents yelling at someone from SCU, and this made her feel better because she knows that she still has their full support no matter what. She also met with Owen, and Owen was such a nice guy because he keeps on encouraging Jenna, while Matty was still on her mission to get Gabby.

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