Axelrod Defends Suing Military Voting Law

By admin | 6 years ago

One of the top campaign advisers for President Barack Obama, David Axelrod, defended on Sunday the lawsuit filed by Democrats that challenges a law in Ohio on voting early for members of the U.S armed forces. Axelrod also said that Mitt Romney’s comments about the case were completely shameful.

The suit was filed by the Democratic National Committee and the Obama campaign to block the recently approved state law that allows service members in the U.S. military to cast their ballots right up to the Monday prior to the general election in November. The cutoff for early voting for every other U.S. citizen is three days prior to that.

Axelrod said that the way Romney described the situation was completely erroneous. He said it was shameful that Romney would hide behind the men and women of our armed forces. Axelrod’s comments on Sunday were just the most recent in the back and forth squabbling since the lawsuit was filed in July in Ohio, one of the country’s important battleground states for the election.

Romney on Saturday said that President Obama’s suit that claims it is unconstitutional for the state of Ohio to give its servicemen and women an extended voting privilege is a complete outrage. Axelrod on Sunday also said that Republicans are continuing to attempt to find new ways of shrinking the number of voters.

Military personnel are usually given more time to vote than other absentee voters are since they might be overseas or in a location in the U.S. that is not near their home polling station. Ohio is an important state with 18 electoral votes that was won by Obama in 2008 and he does not want to give that up.

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