B.B. King, Blues Legend, Dies At 89

By Mradula Mahajan | 3 years ago
B.B. King, Blues Legend, Dies At 89

The world has lost another gem. Riley B. King, the legendary singer and guitarist also known as B.B. King whose smooth voice and a different expressive style that brought blues in to the mainstream died Thursday at his home in Las Vegas. He was 89-years-old.

BB King was from the cotton fields of Mississippi but his weary voice and the use of electric guitar gave him the global recognition. The coroner of Clark County, Nev., John Fudenberg said that the cause of King’s death has been a series of small strokes caused by Type 2 diabetes. BB King was in poor health from the past several months because of citing dehydration and exhaustion from the diabetes for which he was diagnosed nearly 30 years ago.

BB King who had over 30 Grammy nominations won his first ever Grammy for “The Thrill is Gone,” was more than just a guitar player. A lot of guitarists know about music and they even play more technically articulated stuff but BB King had tone out the ying yang. BB King was an evangelist for the blues and preached a doctrine of love and harmony in every note.

King had a style that included beautifully crafted single-strings followed by bent notes and loud chords and it was enough for the crowd to shout and cry in anguish when he used to played “The Thrill is Gone” followed by “Now that it’s all over, all I can do is wish you well.”

BB King was one that brought the Gibson guitar which he called, Lucille to the front and made it sing. Great singers like, Hendrix, Clapton, John Mayer considered BB King as their inspiration. At this time, his fans from the globe can only say that a true legend has departed us and it is a sad day indeed but his legacy and music will live on. There will be only one BB King and his legendary Lucille. The thrill of listening to his music will never be gone. Rest in peace the ‘king of blues.’

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