Baby Daddy To End After Season Six Finale

By Anshul Hardikar | 2 years ago
Baby Daddy To End After Season Six Finale
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ere a paBaby Daddy is currently in its sixth season. The Jean-Luc Bilodeau, Derek Theler starrer is one of Freeform’s longest running shows ever. However, the network decided to cancel the show much to fans’ disappointment.

The cancellation news might come across as a surprise to many but the cast of the show remains grateful for the wonderful journey they were a part of.


Variety confirmed that the current sixth season of Baby Daddy would be its last. The show was to air its season finale on 22nd of this month. Following the cancellation, the same date will now serve as the series finale.

The journey of the show till now has been amazing. It was one of the most successful shows from Freeform and had a loyal fan following. Theler, Bilodeau and other stars were much-loved characters as the show itself was a perfect combination of drama and comedy.

Cast’s reaction

As expected the cast of the show had mixed feelings about the cancellation. However, for the most part, all of them were grateful for the work they had done on the show.

Lead star Bilodeau took to his Instagram and wrote a lengthy post about how he was feeling. According to him, he was ecstatic when Baby Daddy creator Dan Berendsen called him to inform him that he would be the show’s lead star.

He also elaborated that he started work on the show, formed a family-like bond with the rest of the cast and five and a half years later, he received another call from Berendsen regarding the show’s cancellation.

Theler, on the other hand, posted a picture of the cast on his Instagram account and expressed his gratefulness for having been able to work with them. Chelsea Kane who plays Riley on the show also posted a long message on Instagram and stated that playing Riley was the greatest gift of her life.

She also thanked the show’s creator for giving her the role and mentioned that she would miss her second family very much.

Current season

The show’s sixth season still has two episodes left to air. One of the episodes will focus on Riley helping her stepfather-in-law Brad get out of jail. He was convicted because of his boss who was later on revealed to be the actual culprit.

The remaining episode will also focus on the gender of Riley and Danny’s baby. Danny along with his kid brother Ben will do everything possible to figure out his baby’s gender.

Tucker reunited with Sondra after he realized that his feelings for her were genuine. However, when it comes to Ben, it still remains to be seen if he will be reunited with Elle or not.

Elle is the girl Ben bumped into multiple times at the beginning of the season but since then has not been able to track her down. Since he bumped into her so many times, he believes she is the one he is supposed to end up with.

Elle, on the other hand, has been looking for Ben as well but the two have not had any chance of running into each other. Ben’s mother Bonnie was Elle’s realtor for a while but before she could introduce her client to her son, Elle fired her.

With only two episodes left, it would be interesting to see if Ben ends up with a love interest or not.

New shows

With Baby Daddy getting cancelled, new shows will be premiering on Freeform. New Warriors and Cloak & Dagger are two new Marvel series, which will be airing on the Disney-owned network next year.

The network will also be debuting another mermaid drama series called Siren. Eric Wald and Dean White have written the story.


Baby Daddy was about Ben Wheeler, a single bartender living in New York with his best friend and brother. Things changed drastically for him when one of his ex-girlfriends left his daughter on his doorstep.

Initially planning to give her up for adoption, he, later on, decided to take responsibility for his daughter with the help of friends and family.

Baby Daddy series finale will air on May 22.


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