‘Baby Daddy’ Season 4 Finale Puts An End To The Ben-Riley-Danny Love Triangle

By Ila Samant | 2 years ago
‘Baby Daddy’ Season 4 Finale Puts An End To The Ben-Riley-Danny Love Triangle
Baby Daddy season 4 finale features Brad and Bonnie tying the knot. Danny, Ben and Riley will face problems, but will try to resolve them. Meanwhile, Tucker finally knows Charlotte’s motives.

“Baby Daddy” crew finally puts an end to the much prolonged suspicion over the love triangle shared among Riley, Danny and his brother Ben. While Bonnie and Brad are getting married, Ben interrupts the wedding and what follows is totally dramatic. It’s a proposal from Danny and this is what fans had been waiting for. Warning: Spoilers ahead! Read on to find out more about this scoop.

Dan Berendson, creator of the show, felt that it was high time that Danny and Ben start taking wise decisions on their own. He also confessed that from the beginning of the show, Danny and Riley were meant to be together. It was a calculated move and it was supposed to happen despite opposing fan theories.

TV Line took an interview of the creator and asked him a series of questions which nearly answers all the questions that have been bothering the fans. Berendson feels Danny proposed to Riley at the right time and the move was neither hasty nor gradual. It was just the way they had planned from Day 1.

Dan has promised fans that Danny and Riley’s relationship will go on the entire Season 5 and it will be a beautiful commitment. Season 5 will pick up from where Season 4 left off and the show will start with the aftereffects of the proposal. In the upcoming season, Ben will try to experience emotional maturity and the love triangle has officially come to an end, reports Ebuzznew.

Berendson admits that at a lot of moments they felt like Ben and Riley should be together, but decided to stick to Danny and Riley because it seemed better. The reason why Ben seems to be okay with Danny’s proposal is because the kid is growing up.

Bonnie and Brad’s marriage will take a little longer, but it will materialize despite the circumstances. Season 5 will put an end to further mysteries.

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