Baby It’s Cold Outside: Baby Panda Frolics in the Snow [WATCH VIDEO]

By Miguel Lauresta | 3 years ago
Baby It’s Cold Outside: Baby Panda Frolics in the Snow [WATCH VIDEO]
Panda Gao Gao in San Diego Zoo, USA

As the year starts with a snowfall that had everyone feeling the lethargic effects of the surprise heavy downfall of snow in some of mid-Atlantic states, here’s a video of a panda cub prancing around in the snow and giving us a million warm feelings.

The Smithsonian National Zoo’s star panda cub Bao Bao is just like any young kid. This panda cub likes climbing trees, rolling down little hills and of course posing for pictures. She is also proof that a panda’s cuteness level rises exponentially when snow falls, and they’re left to play around and enjoy compared to a normal cute panda.

Her enthusiasm went several notches higher with the surprise snow storm that affected several areas of DC, Bao Bao who is a year and four months old, enjoyed the snowfall immensely. The National Zoo, even though was closed to the public due to the bad weather, did not stop them from providing public service and uploaded a minute-long video of the bright little panda for everyone to enjoy. Bao Bao’s trainers have depicted the panda cub as an independent and playful; the zoo’s current princess of attraction sheds all pretenses as she plays, frolics and plays around. She also falls over down the snowy hill in their outdoor area and played with Mei Xiang, the panda cub’s mother.

If this is what we get from the heavy snowfall, then bring it on. At least we have one being enjoying it. This video sure gives us that warm feeling all over. So start cueing in the “awwwwsss.”

Photo source: Wikimedia Commons/Aaron Logan



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