‘The Bachelor 2016’ Revealed During the ‘Bachelor in Paradise 2’; Nick Viall Chosen Over Ben Higgins?

By Meghna Subhedhar | 2 years ago
‘The Bachelor 2016’ Revealed During the ‘Bachelor in Paradise 2’;  Nick Viall Chosen Over Ben Higgins?
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Fans are obviously looking forward to the next season of “The Bachelor.”It is rumored that the person chosen to play the next bachelor in the reality show will be declared on the ‘Bachelor In Paradise” season 2 premiere, which is to be aired on Aug. 3, 2015. Read on.

According to Realty Today, it looks like the long-running reality TV series has taken over the public imagination. Everybody is talking about “The Bachelor”  and its sister show, “The Bachelorette,” which recently concluded with a surprising season finale. It was recently revealed that another show linked to ‘The Bachelor’ show will be declaring who will be the next bachelor in the next Season 20, which happens will be aired in 2016.

The favorite chosen include Ben Higgins and Nick Viall from the last season of “The Bachelorette.” Other former contestants Ben Zorn and Jared Haiborn’s names have also been tossed. The tip about the next bachelor happened to be that it had something to do with closure. Everybody assumed that the next bachelor handing out the roses will be either Haiborn or Nick Viall, given both their histories.

The press is divided on who might be in the spotlight next, but Inquisitr claims that it will be Viall. After all, after two rejections, Viall is the strongest contender for closure. However, some people are also talking about Haiborn being the next bachelor.

There were many fans who didn’t like Viall’s indiscriminate sexual stance during the recent season of “The Bachelorette.” But that is all bridge under the water now, after Kaitlyn Bristowe and Shawn Booth dissed him publicly during the media tour and audiences felt sympathetic towards him.

Whatever the outcome, ‘The Bachelor’ series will continue to garner audiences’ attention with sentimental moments and strange alterations.

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