Bachelor Alum Sarah Herron Wants Nick Viall for Next Bachelor: ‘He is interesting like Kaitlyn’

By Meghna Subhedhar | 2 years ago
Bachelor Alum Sarah Herron Wants Nick Viall for Next Bachelor: ‘He is interesting like Kaitlyn’
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No one knows dating like Sarah Herron. The “Bachelor” and the “Bachelor in Paradise” alum recently revealed that Nick Viall was her favorite for the next season. She said that she was also ready to back universal favorite Ben Higgins for the next ‘Bachelor’ because she thought he was ‘wholesome’ good. Read on for more details.

According to People Magazine, Herron knows good dating and isn’t afraid to talk about the next “Bachelor.” She is friends with the “Bachelorette” staple, Nick Viall, and said that she thinks he would be “interesting in the same way Kaitlyn was.” And we do agree with her on this. Kaitlyn Bristowe sure had a way of keeping it interesting. She kept us all guessing till the very end.

“I think he would keep it real, and it would be exciting,” Herron told the magazine. “You never know what to expect with Nick, so I just know he would keep you on your toes, and he’s definitely provocative and knows how to stir the pot.”

While she confessed to backing the strangely fascinating Viall for the next “Bachelor,” Herron said that she wouldn’t mind Ben Higgins in the chair either.

“He’s very cute and he seems to have a good heart and he’s wholesome.” Herron said.

Herron has backed Bristowe’s antics all through the past season. When haters spewed hate on Bristowe via twitter and the internet for her controversial decision to sleep with Viall to check out his bedroom moves, she was one of the first people to get her back.

“I think it’s awesome that a woman can go on that show and be herself and not be what America wants her to be,” Herron said. “We’re not all perfect and you have to explore and mess up and learn your experiences.” Way to go, girls!

The producers of “Bachelor” have not yet confirmed who might turn out to be the next “Bachelor,” but fans are waiting for them to announce it so they can speculate over the next season. We’d pick Viall. After all, what would reality television be like, without the drama?

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