The Bachelor Australia 2014 News: Blake Garvey an Ex- Male Entertainer [WATCH VIDEO]

By Ambika Thakur | 4 years ago
The Bachelor Australia 2014 News: Blake Garvey an Ex- Male Entertainer [WATCH VIDEO]
Andrew G (Andrew Günsberg)/ Wikimedia Commons/Pedantman/Captain-tucker

31-year-old Blake Garvey has been introduced as the bachelor for the 2014 edition of “The Bachelor Australia.”  He is an estate agent and auctioneer according to his bio on Network Ten.  For more information about the casting details read on for MNG’s “The Bachelor Australia” 2014 news, including the scoop about Blake Garvey being an ex-male entertainer.

Network Ten confirmed that Garvey was an ex-male entertainer connected with Alpha Male Entertainment.

“Network Ten can confirm that Blake was involved with Alpha Male Entertainment before being cast as Ten’s 2014 Bachelor,” network executives said in a statement, as quoted by Sydney Morning Herald.

Despite this confirmation, it’s interesting to note that Garvey’s Network Ten bio does not cite this information about his past.

Alpha Male Entertainment is a Perth based male entertainment provider. Their Web site advertises the services of topless models and male strippers.

Garvey’s  profile on Acton Real Estate Carine Glades’ Web site reads:

“When you first meet Blake you’ll be struck by his height (6’5”) and his deep baritone voice (he’s been likened to Barry White). Spend some time with him and you’ll be impressed with his passion and energy and his exceptional communication skills.”

Sydney Morning Herald reported that a photo featuring a topless Garvey serving food was posted on the Facebook page of “The Bachelor Australia” with a caption that says:”They love the topless waiters!” The said photo has been removed from the page.

He is not the only reality dating show contestant who has been a topless waiter. “Please Marry My Boy’s” Nathan Secomb also worked as a topless waiter alongside Sydney based chiropractor Tim Robards, who was featured in the first edition of “The Bachelor, Australia.” Robards had worked as a topless model and waiter for topless events. On Ten’s show he was depicted as a chiropractor, which is his current profession. Robards is considered a sensation story after winning the heart of “The Bachelor Australia” winner Anna Heinrich.

Garvey has yet to meet his soul mate. 24 gorgeous women from all over Australia will try to entice him and get the most sought-after red rose.

Stephen Tate, head of entertainment and factual programming at Network TEN said that they met Blake pretty early in the casting process and he immediately caught their attention and got on the show.

“The Bachelor Australia” 2014 is currently in production phase. Ten has not yet publicised the premiere date, but it will probably be aired later in 2014. And that’s it for MNG’s “The Bachelor Australia” 2014 news featuring the scoop about Blake Garvey being an ex-male entertainer. For more details coming up about the “The Bachelor Australia,” including spoilers and recaps of the reality show,  as well as other entertainment news, stay tuned here at  Movie News Guide (MNG).

Check out the video below:

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 Photo Source:  Wikimedia Commons/Pedantman/Captain-tucker

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