‘The Bachelor’ Ben Higgins Spotted Dating Just Days Prior to Filming The Show: Unsatisfied With One Girl?

By Rosella Jane Vargas | 2 years ago
‘The Bachelor’ Ben Higgins Spotted Dating Just Days Prior to Filming The Show: Unsatisfied With One Girl?
Photo taken from Kelly Osborn Instagram

“The Bachelor” is one of the highly anticipated reality shows. Its 20th season is about to be filmed with Ben Higgins as the man looking for the love of his life through this reality dating show. But even before the TV program prepares for the hopeful woman to win the heart of the main star, there is already drama going on.

Ben Higgins was seen with a blonde beauty named Kelly Osborn at a concert last Sept. 6. The two were enjoying songs by Taylor Swift during that night. OK! Magazine even stated that a friend of this girl described how close they were. The two were reportedly laughing, hugging, and flirting with each other. It seems like their body language speaks loudly of their more-than-just-a-friend kind of relationship.

There are no confirmed reports as to what is really going on between them. Nevertheless, with their actions that were observed by some, it’s easy to see how close they really are. The outlet’s source also added: “They were in their own world and seemed really cute and happy together.”

The Hollywood Gossip mentioned that Osborn is allegedly the girlfriend of the 27-year old salesman. They are both residing in Denver, Colorado. There is an eyewitness who confirmed they went to Swift’s concert together. After the concert, the blonde beauty posted a picture of them on her Instagram account (@kellyosborn). She referred to him as a cutie in her and the concert was a “fun night out.”

The same article shared likewise that he was rumored before to be going out on a date with the “Bachelor in Paradise” celebrity Tenley Molzahn.

The schedule for the filming of “The Bachelor” Season 20 is set on Sept. 24. Are the producers aware of these reports and do they still want to gamble this intriguing issue about Ben Higgins for their show? If they are really aiming for an early discussion about it, then the ABC reality show’s next star is successful.

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Photo Source: Kelly Osborn/Instagram

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