‘Bachelor In Paradise 2′ Finale Spoilers: Season To End In Huge Rose Ceremony

By Meghna Subhedhar | 2 years ago
‘Bachelor In Paradise 2′ Finale Spoilers: Season To End In Huge Rose Ceremony
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“Bachelor in Paradise 2” will see Ashley Lanconetti plotting to keep Jared Haibon away from Jaclyn Swartz. The next episode is going to be dramatic where Ashley’s relationship with Jared haibon is concerned.

Sunday’s finale will see a huge rose ceremony in progress, with most of the couples trying to figure out if they belong together. Jared and Ashley come to terms with each other’s jealous involvement and the newcomer Jaclyn Swartz finally gets to know if things could work out between Jared and her. It was revealed that Ashley will pull a really big move to snare Jared, one that will stay on the audience memory forever.

In the finale, the contestants will be surprised to know that the cocktail party they were preparing for and looking forward to have been scratched and Chris Harrison will announce that, instead, the rose ceremony will be taking place. Harrison will announce that only those who have found love and are willing to commit will get to stay on in the show, the others will be removed from the company as per usual. The show will end with eight people getting knocked out and moving out of the ‘Bachelor in Paradise’ setting.

For many contestants, this will be an ending of sorts and some of the fans may be disappointed if their favorites will be eliminated. However, the most interesting couples will continue to be on the show.

“Bachelor in Paradise 2” is being shot in Sayulita, Mexico. The series is in second season. It is based on the format of the sister shows, “The Bachelor” and “The Bachelorette.” It was previously called “The Bachelor Pad,” but has since been christened “Bachelor in Paradise.”

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