‘The Bachelor’ Season 19 Recap: Women Tell All

By DV Pre | 3 years ago

With the confrontation between Carly and Britt and the long awkward hugs of Chris and Britt, this season’s “The Bachelor: Women Tell All” is satisfying. It is indeed nice seeing the girls speak out what they could not say to each other in the house. Now, there is no need to pretend and all they are saying is genuine. Besides, our Bachelor Chris Soules — farmer and former suitor at The Bachelorette — has already chosen his two best picks so the other girls can’t stand a chance anymore.

This season’s Women Tell All’s highlight is on the Carly vs. Britt catfight when Carly was confronted by Britt and there were some huge drama and tears. How about Jade having her heart broken again as she recounts how Chris sent her home immediately after her Playboy past was known?

Also, she pointed out that she was saddened when she read in Chris’ blog that he finds their hometown date “disturbing” after her siblings described her as a wild mustang and yet she is sweet and shy to Chris. We got to admit Jade acted a bit different around Chris. But who can blame her, after all they only want to win the heart of the bachelor.

It is sad that though most women had their closure, that was not the case for Kaitlyn. She is still stuck in the classic Chris move that he has no idea why he sent him home. He admitted he was in love with three women including Kaitlyn but maybe she’s the least he’s in love with?

Who do you think will finally win the heart of Chris Soules? Sound off in the comments below.

Tune in for the three-hour season finale of “The Bachelor” at 8pm on ABC.

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