The Bachelor Season 19 Spoilers: Chris Soules Propose To Whitney Bischoff In Iowa; Reality Steve Confirms Prince Farming Engaged

By DV Pre | 3 years ago

With only a few hours left before the three-hour season finale of “The Bachelor” Season 19 begins, fans of the reality show are at the edge of their seats trying to guess who between Whitney Bischoff and Becca Tilley will win the final rose. Keep on reading to find out the winner in the spoilers below.

Reality Steve has stood by his predictions that Whitney will win “The Bachelor” Season 19. Spoilers from the website say that Chris proposed to Whitney and Iowa and the happy couple have been together ever since. Several rumors, however, have been circulating online, which claims that Chris changed his mind at the last minute and chose Becca instead.

As pointed out by Inquistr, Reality Steve had made late-in-the season changes to his spoilers, but this time around, he’s sticking to his predictions.

“24 hrs from the big day & like every season, the conspiracy theories are running wild. Nothing’s changed since what happened on Nov. 22nd. They can fool you w/ their splicing & editing until they’re blue in the face. It can’t change what happened on the final rose ceremony day,” he tweeted.

Based on several spoilers online, Whitney seemed to have gotten the approval of Chris’ parents and family. They were thrilled with her commitment to move to Iowa to start a family unlike Becca who has always been a tad bit hesitant.

According to spoilers from Celeb Dirty Laundry, Chris was initially leaning towards picking Becca because he was “more in love with her”. What changed his mind, then? It seemed like Chris’ father thought that Becca would be the wrong choice for him because she’s not ready to commit to life on the farm. Wet Paint also previously pointed out that “it would make a lot of sense logically for Chris to be with” Whitney given that she only lives a few hours away from Soules’ hometown Arlington.

The three-hour season finale of “The Bachelor” Season 19 airs March 9 on ABC.

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