The Bachelor Season 19 Spoilers: Winner Whitney Bischoff Tells All in The ‘After the Final Rose’ Special Episode

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The Bachelor Season 19 Spoilers: Winner Whitney Bischoff Tells All in The ‘After the Final Rose’ Special Episode
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Fans of “The Bachelor” Season 19 are at the edge of their seats waiting for Chris Soules’ to finally pick who between Whitney Bischoff and Becca Tilley will be given the final rose. The charming farmer from Iowa had expressed strong feelings between the two ladies, the only question is, who will be declared the winner? Keep on reading to know find out more “The Bachelor” Season 19 spoilers.

According to the official synopsis released by ABC, the three-hour finale will focus as the show’s remaining two contestants. Whitney and Becca will then meet Chris’ finally. Chris is definitely having a hard time choosing between the two ladies and has called back up. His family including his mom, dad and siblings were only “too happy to weigh in on the decision.”

Although spoilers from claim that Chris has proposed to Whitney, the synopsis teased that Becca is still in the running. The bachelor reportedly wanted to be given the “reassurance that she wants to be part of his life in Iowa.” Whitney had scored some major points from Chris’ family members because of her eagerness to live the rest of her life in Iowa. The 29-year-old is “willing to leave everything behind to become Chris’ wife.”

It seems like Whitney could be the better option between the two, it will all boil down to whom Chris feels the most compatible with.

As reported by IBTimes, the season finale of “The Bachelor” season 19 will immediately be followed by the special episode on the “After the Final Rose.” Host Chris Harrison will have a sit-down interview with both Chris and the winner for their first public appearance after Season 19. In the interview, the couple will share their unforgettable experiences in “The Bachelor.”

Who do you think will win the final rose? Whitney Bischoff or Becca Tilley? Sound off in the comments below.

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