‘Back To The Future’ Imaginations Turned Reality; What Concepts In The Film Became True?

By Rosella Jane Vargas | 2 years ago
‘Back To The Future’ Imaginations Turned Reality; What Concepts In The Film Became True?
‘Back To The Future’ Imaginations Turned Reality; What Concepts In The Film Became True?

“Back To The Future” was released last 1989 which featured the duo of a teen and a scientist who flew right straight to the future. Innovative devices and equipment were showcased in the story. The duo landed on Oct. 21, 2015. Since we are now at the present time of the exact date, many have seen the similarities between the concepts in the film and real-life modern technology.

In the article from ABC News, one of the predictions that became close to reality is Mr. Fusion. This is a system which transforms garbage to fuel. As of the present time, some large corporations and residential homes are depending on renewable sources such as biofuels which convert biodegradable trash to a useful energy.

The movie presented a scene too wherein phone calls were done through real-time live video chat using flat screen televisions. Today, video conferencing is possible with the use of portable computers and screen projectors. For more convenient conversation and for those who prefer smaller screens, mobile devices have special applications like FaceTime and Skype.


Time Magazine shared an article about these predictions. Included in enumerated devices are the video glasses. Yes, those cool and digital shades in the movie became one of Google’s products introduced to the market.  These Google glasses have some functions similar to a smartphone such as surfing the net, watch videos, and capture images.

Furthermore, there are flying drones just about anywhere in the movie used by news outlets for covering important events. In 2015, drones are available for commercial and even personal use. Hobbyist even used it to capture picturesque shots showing a view-from-the-top angle.

Some fans can’t help but theorized if the creative team behind “Back To The Future” are time travelers themselves. Who knows, maybe more of the predictions in the film will become real after few years.

Photo Source: Back To The Future/Facebook


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