‘Back To The Future’ Looks More Real With ‘Jaws 19’ Trailer

By Ila Samant | 2 years ago
‘Back To The Future’ Looks More Real With ‘Jaws 19’ Trailer
Jaws 19

“Back To The Future Part II” from Universal Pictures is catching up the heat and thousands of geeks are waiting eagerly for October 21, 2015, when this movie will be released. The same date has been picked up by Marty McFlyto come back in the future. In order to celebrate the occasion Universal Pictures has decided to release a trailer for the movie “Jaws 19.”

According to variety.com, the franchise has certainly come a long way since it came out with the first movie in 1980s and it is making every one of us wonder as to the number of sequels that can be made out of a successful movie. The latest trailer is nothing short of a joke and the franchise makes a clear statement that it can come out with unimaginable sequels.

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Universal Pictures celebrates the thirtieth anniversary of “Back To The Future” sequel by releasing a trailer from “Jaws.” A special Blu-ray for the trilogy has also been released to mark the occasion of 30th anniversary. This edition also has a small film that features Christopher Lloyd re-enacting the role play of Doc Brown. The movies were available for free in October on Amazon Prime.

According to cnet.com, in the past Jaws franchise has come up with unimaginable sequels such as in “Jaws 7” where there was cyber-attacks from Jaws and then in “Jaws 15” we saw a fighting with shark.

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The upcoming movie “jaws 19” from the franchise will not be different as it depicts the fight of sharks to save their home, as the ocean habitats are fast disappearing. The makers of the movie went on to say that things are really personal this time and is definitely worth watching.

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