Back in Crime, a Time Travelling Thriller

By admin | 5 years ago

Back in CrimeBack in Crime is a strange and compelling supernatural crime movie. It is a story of a police detective obsessed with a 20 year old murder case. Then he finds himself teleported back to 1989. The movie stars Jean-Hughes Anglade and Melanie Thierry.

Back in Crime starts in the present. Commander Kemp (Jean-Hughes Anglade) is working on a case that is similar to the one he handled 20 years ago. It has all the signs of the Earwig, who is known to pierce his victim’s eardrums before he throws them into the sea.

Helene (Melanie Thierry) is a psychiatrist who found the dead body. She is also the only witness to the murder. She seduces the detective when Kemp goes to the crime scene. And to some strange event, he finds himself sent back to the past.

The movie is the directorial debut of Germinal Alvarez. He also co-written the screenplay with Nathalie Saugeon. They didn’t give any explanation on how the detective goes back in time. But as the movie progresses, the story becomes convincing as the older, present Kemp helps his younger self to prevent the crimes from happening in the future. But because he doesn’t belong in the past, the younger self suspects his older self as the serial killer. The older Kemp crosses path with the younger Helene, who is somehow connected with the events. The things he did in the past resulted in unforeseen consequences in the present time.

There are moments in Back in Crime that are illogical. It is saved by the performances of Anglade and Thierry. Filmmaker Alvarez failed to explore the characters and just stuck with the typical detective role. The development is just skin-deep. He used the time travel as a tool to provide another layer of suspense to the plot.

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