Back To Work: Duchess Of Cambridge Rocks High Heels, Exudes Princess Diana’s Aura

By Ivy Candelaria | 2 years ago
Back To Work: Duchess Of Cambridge Rocks High Heels, Exudes Princess Diana’s Aura

Four months after giving birth to Princess Charlotte, Kate Middleton is back in action on her first official work appearance. Read on to know more about how her day went.

The mother-of-two visited the Family School administered by the Anna Freud Centre.

The Family School caters to a total of 26 children aged 5-15 and deals with serious emotional and behavioral concerns. The school offers collaborative classes with parents that also include academics and therapeutic provision.

Charity CEO Peter Fonagy said to People Magazine how Kate was “extremely knowledgeable” about children’s mental health. “She was a delight to speak to and spoke delightfully.”

Kate has also immersed herself in how drug dependence and substance abuse affect families. Fonagy said the princess was very updated about the whole field. “She did high fives, sat with them and worked on the Smart Gym.” The princess was also heard saying, that the Smart Gym should be more known and widely used by people who need it.

One of the student’s mothers was also impressed with the princess’ well-proven agility in heels. “Considering she’s in high heels, she did extremely well,” she said. “She’s a very active, fit young mother and hands up to her. She’s very warming. It’s just in her nature. Its not someone who’s high up there, as the children said, she’s very welcoming.”

Not only that, she also expressed how Kate reminds her of the Princess of Wales, who had the same compassion for children. “She’s a fantastic woman. “Her aura reminds me of Princess Diana very much, which to me is a very warm feeling.”

In September 2018, the Family School will be transferring to a nearby joint $38 million site that aims to bring children and their parents, who will be helped by experts in working together for young people’s mental health, in partnership with the Anna Freud Centre.

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Photo Source: Twitter/Kensington Palace

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