Backstrom Casting Update: Show Enlists Four Guests

By Rachel Cruz | 3 years ago
Backstrom Casting Update: Show Enlists Four Guests
Rainn Wilson attending the premiere of The Union at the Tribeca Film Festival.

The Rainn Wilson dramedy “Backstrom” is slowly taking form on FOX. The show, which is currently filming its episodes in Vancouver in time for its 2015 premiere, has signed up a few guest spots featuring an interesting mix of characters. Read on to learn more about the latest from “Backstrom.”

According to TV Line, the series has enlisted Lolita Davidovich as one of the guests who may potentially recur in the story. The “Raising Cane” actress, widely known for her various film and TV work, will play the role of Lou Finster, the mother of Gregory Valentine, who is played by Thomas Drekker in the show’s supporting cast. Lou has an interesting character description based on the loglines and that she used to be a hooker and now works as a born-again dental hygienist. Lou meets Backstrom (Wilson) during his dental visit, and while only set for a one time guest stint, the character may require succeeding appearances.

Angelique Cabral, who was last seen on the FOX comedy “Enlisted,” will also appear in the crime procedural as the Fire Bureau investigator Samantha Orland. Her agency will seek the help of Backstrom’s team in finding and apprehending a serial arsonist. Eddie McClintock from “Warehouse 13” will also appear in the episode, playing the role of Lieutenant Sam D’Agostino. The character is described as the bully whom Backstrom knew since childhood and has now become a firefighter.

“Backstrom” has also signed up Robert Foster (“Jackie Brown”) to play the father of the titular character. Foster is booked for at least two episodes on the show, and their storyline will explore a curious plot that portrays the father as a well-respected police detective who abuses his son. Their relationship apparently remains strained now that Backstrom is himself a well-known detective.

The FOX series is based on the published books of author Leif G. W. Persson, which charts the work of a smart but eccentric and moody police investigator and his team of experts. Originally developed for the 2013 season, “Backstrom” is Wilson’s returning vehicle to television after doing the comedy “The Office,” which ended in 2013.

And that’s the latest about “Backstrom,” which comes to FOX in 2015. Keep checking Movie News Guide (MNG) as we bring you updates about this show.

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