‘Backstrom’ Enlists Dale Dickey

By Rachel Cruz | 3 years ago
‘Backstrom’ Enlists Dale Dickey
Rainn Wilson attending the premiere of The Union at the Tribeca Film Festival.

“True Blood” actress Dale Dickey is dropping by “Backstrom,” which is set for a midseason launch on FOX in 2015. Read on for details about the show’s latest news.

First reported on Zap2It, Dale Dickey, who was part of shows like “True Blood” and “My Name Is Earl,” will be coming aboard the FOX detective series “Backstrom,” which stars Rainn Wilson (“The Office”). Dickey will play the role of Judge Nunn, described as a backwards and unconventional officer of the law. Why? Because Judge Nunn holds her court inside a roadhouse, while having dinner. In a case against Backstrom, she rules in favor of the locals, which comes as no surprise. With Judge Nunn, solving a case just made it harder for the detective.

The series was first conceptualized during the 2013 development slate and was pushed back for airing in the spring of 2015 on FOX. The show is about a detective, Backstrom, who is lacking in social skills and common courtesy but is said to be the best one at his job. Backstrom was put back in the force to run the Serious Crimes Unit, and the show will depict his weekly struggles trying to get along with his team and solving the toughest crimes and mysteries.

Several casting announcements were already reported for “Backstrom” in the past, which will also have Dennis Haysbert ("The Unit"), Inga Cadranel (“Orphan Black“), Thomas Dekker (“Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles”), Page Kennedy (“Weeds”) and Sarah Chalke (“Scrubs”) as supporting actors in the series. Meanwhile, the show have also enlisted several other guest apparances from the likes of Lolita Davidovich, Angelique Cabral, Robert Foster and Eddie McClintock. So the character of Judge Nunn will not be the only one who will rub Backstrom the wrong way.

“Backstrom” is actually based on a book written by Scandinavian author Leif G.W. Persson, who was first a criminologist before he was a writer. The show marks Rainn Wilson’s return to television after three years, as he was last part of the main cast of the NBC comedy hit “The Office.”

The show is currently in production.

That’s our update on “Backstrom,” the detective drama starring Rainn Wilson, which will be airing on FOX beginning midseason 2015. Movie News Guide (MNG) will be bringing more updates about the series.

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