Backstrom Recap: Ancient Chinese Secret

By Rachel Cruz | 4 years ago
Backstrom Recap: Ancient Chinese Secret
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Backstrom” Season 1 Episode 6 “Ancient Chinese Secret” aired on Thursday, Feb. 26, 2015 at 9:00 p.m. on FOX. A psychic is found dead in his shop and the Special Crimes Unit (SCU) gets their fortunes read by a super psychic. Find out what happened in the recap below.

The murder victim is a psychic by the name of Davis Gu. He was identified by his twin sister, who also happens to have the gift. The SCU team is already on the crime scene when Backstrom (Rainn Wilson) arrives with Moto (Page Kennedy). Niedermayer (Kristoffer Polaha) briefs them as to what possibly happened. Based on the forensic evidence, Backstrom wants to clarify if everyone has already done the joke about the psychics not seeing this coming. Get it?

Gravely (Genevieve Angelson) is still looking for the murder weapon around the neighborhood. Backstrom notes they should be looking for suckers because fake psychics will surely have made some enemies. They talk to the twin sister who claims their business is legitimate and can’t possibly have something to do with the triad. Backstrom bluntly tells her they are rip-off artists. Her dishonesty will not help with solving the case. But she insists, their gift goes back to their ancestors. Backstrom mocks her.

She shows him a piece she uses to be able to connect to spirits, particularly her dead brother. She chants and beats herself with the device and starts crying. She then says she got a message from her grandfather from the grave: the answer lies behind the red door.

Backstrom walks out, still unconvinced about her “powers.” He tells his team they will solve this case without the help of voices from beyond. Besides, everyone in the neighborhood has a red door; they’re in Chinatown. He believes the red door is just a code the twin sister is afraid to talk about. They have to find out more.

Back at the precinct, Nadia (Beatrice Rosen) finds a photo of an astrology wheel in the victim’s place, but notices that it’s not in the crime scene. Did the murderer take this? She also finds reviews online, one from a dissatisfied customer, whom Backstrom and Almond (Dennis Haysbert) interrogate.

They learn that this particular client wasn’t happy with what Gu told him. It was because he and his Asian girlfriend were not compatible. He’s a rabbit, she’s a snake. Because of this, his girlfriend leaves him. But then she comes back to him when she learns from another psychic, Lady Mah, that Gu is a fraud.

Back in the office, Niedermayer and Nadia discover new evidence that leads to money laundering. There’s a paper trail, so they follow up on this as Backstrom and Almond interrogate Lady Mah. She says she knows Gu was murdered because she had visions of him three days prior. They find the astrology wheel on her wall, which she claims was sold to her by the sister. Her theory is that the wheel has bad vibes for the family, so they want to get rid of it. But as it is a family artifact, Gu’s grandfather’s ghost killed him for this. Backstrom doesn’t buy this, of course. Those silly psychics!

Backstrom is in his house discussing this crazy case with his roommate Valentine (Thomas Dekker). He shares his story about pretending to be a psychic once. It’s an easy scam. Backstrom shows him a flyer that Valentine confirms is an underground gambling joint. There’s the money laundering angle!

The police orchestrates a raid and arrests Dominic Chen, the guy running the den. Chen admits Gu is his personal adviser. Backstrom takes to mean that they are business partners and he’s most likely from the triad. Meanwhile, the rest of the team go over Chen’s ledgers. The police rounds up some of the gamblers for interrogation.

Jimmy Fei, another psychic, presents himself to the cops and he’s carrying what looks like the murder weapon, a fish dagger. He admits that it is the one they’re looking. He knows who the murderer is, but says that Backstrom won’t believe him anyway. Jimmy Fei is known to have super psychic powers. He shows the SCU just how precise his skill is by reading each of them. Guess what? All his readings are correct. It’s freaky!

But Backstrom disregards this, while Niedermayer is bothered by Nadia’s reading, so he confronts her. Their relationship, by the way, is not a surprise to everyone, except for Backstrom. Niedermayer tells Nadia he will do everything to help her, if he tells her what her secrets are. She tells him part of it later on. She also tells him she trusts him with her life, and they kiss.

Fei confesses that he killed Wu. What’s his game? What does he want? Backstrom doesn’t want to play and declares the case as closed. Fei is jailed. But then, the knife that he brought to the police station has been tested. It has no blood residue. It’s not the weapon. Valentine confirms it’s a replica and he knows who sells this. It’s Tiny, also a police snitch. They show him pictures of people who may have bought the knife from him. They positively identifies Albert Reed, a gambler who lost a lot of money, so they make their arrest. Backstrom, however, feels they still have the wrong guy. So, he talks to Chen once again to tell him his theories and to see if he will react to anything. Backstrom had him arrested for soliciting murder.

That night, Backstrom returns home to finally read the fortune Fei had for him. The note says that he will not live long to see another Christmas, which shouldn’t matter, right? Because Backstrom doesn’t believe in psychics anyway.

And there you have it for “Backstrom” Season 1 Episode 6 “Ancient Chinese Secret” which aired on Thursday, Feb. 26, 2015 at 9:00 p.m. on FOX. For more about this show, check back to Movie News Guide (MNG).

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