Backstrom Recap: Inescapable Truth

By Kitin Miranda | 3 years ago
Backstrom Recap: Inescapable Truth
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“Backstrom” Season 1 Episode 9 “Inescapable Truth” aired last Thursday, April 2, 2015 at 9:00 PM on FOX. In this episode, the Special Crimes Unit and Assistant District Attorney Steven Kine (Ben Hollingsworth) teamed up to find a musician gone missing from a rehabilitation clinic, and to bring a pill pushing doctor to justice. Meanwhile, Lieutenant Detective Everett Backstrom (Rainn Wilson) and Gregory Valentine (Thomas Dekker) discovered how and why their lives were intertwined. Read on to learn more about this episode.

The episode began with Lieutenant Detective Everett Backstrom (Rainn Wilson), who upon walking around the boat, discovered that he and his tenant, Gregory Valentine (Thomas Dekker), who was trying to ship off some of his stolen goods before he was discovered and beaten by a local street lord, had certain similarities when it came to some anatomical features.

However, before he could question his subordinates about the matter, Detective Sergeant John Almond (Dennis Haysbert) informed him that the chief had just ordered them to find Sebastian Serafian  (Kamran Fulleylove), the front liner and song writer of the “Inescapable Truth”, who had disappeared from a local rehabilitation clinic.

Sregeant Peter Niedermayer (Kristoffer Polaha) and Almond questioned the band members, who didn’t know where he was. They then brought in Dr. Alan Kobrine (Faran Tahir) after learning that Sebastian used his van, which he had given to the band, who called themselves an “artistic collective”. However, they were interrupted by Assistant District Attorney Steven Kine (Ben Hollingsworth) as Sebastian was a material witness in his case against the pill pushing doctor. Detective Nicole Gravely (Genevieve Angelson) then revealed that she didn’t like Kine as he had pulled the plug on her undercover operation years ago, and had blamed everything on her.

While Niedermayer listened to Sebastian’s songs to look for clues as to where he might have gone, Backstrom asked him what it meant if some of Valentine’s body parts were identical as his. Niedermayer, surprised, told him that they all thought that Valentine was his son, but Backstrom, who had done his math, knew that it was impossible. Backstrom then asked if Sebastian mentioned anything about a sanctuary in his songs, and thanks to that, and a map of the area, Niedermayer suggested that they search the Black Stone Quarry.

Along the way, he and Officer Frank Moto (Page Kennedy) realized that the band, who had spirit animals were very much like the Special Crimes Unit. He likened Backstrom to the lion totemed Sebastian; himself to the bassist, who was the eagle; Nadia Paquet (Beatrice Rosen) to the one with the raccoon; Gravely was the one who carried the bear totem; Almond was the accordionist, the Coyote; and Almond was the bassist, the mountain ram.

They then pulled Sebastian, who was dead in the van, from the water. The next day, they were informed that Sebastian had been garroted by a guitar string, and that he had been full of drugs when he died.

After learning that more than fifty people had access to the van, they tracked down the accordionist, Matt English (Matt Ellis), who had been kicked out of the band recently. However, this led them back to the rehab, as someone had allowed Sebastian access to a phone in order to call Matt up to beg him to come back to the band.

A visit to the rehab revealed that Mindi Grunding (Catherine Jack) had picked Sebastian up, and was being used to give him drugs.

Meanwhile, Backstrom confronted Valentine’s mother, Louise “Lou” Finster (Lolita Davidovich), who told him that Valentine wasn’t his son.

Afterwards, he and Gravely confronted Kobrine, who indicated that he had sold the drugs to the drummer of the band. Backstrom, high on Kobrine’s drugs, discovered that the drummer wasn’t the killer, but managed to get him to implicate Kobrine as a pill pusher. He then woke up after learning that Valentine had gotten beaten up by Dante Trippi (Jim Frederick Prichel), the street lord whom he had been poaching from. Because of this, he warned Dante to never hurt Valentine again as he was family; but after admitting to Moto that Valentine wasn’t related to him, Moto suggested that he “cut him loose”, as Valentine was a criminal, and might jeopardize Backstrom one day.

Back at the station, after seeing Niedermayer’s caricatures of them as the band members, Backstrom realized that it would help them figure out who the killer was. He then figured out that the guy whose totem was the eagle, which represented creativity and being a visionary, who also mirrored Niedermayer, was the killer because he was the next in line to be the leader if Sebastian was gone. They then confirmed this after discovering the lacerations on his hands caused by the guitar string he used to strangle Sebastian.

Back on the boat, after Backstrom tried to kick Valentine out, Lou revealed that they were half-brothers, and told Backstrom not to involve Blue Backstrom in Valentine’s life. The two then reconciled and decided to split the rent on the boat.

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Photo Source: Wikimedia Commons/Kristin Dos Santos/Uploaded by Beao

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